A Dish Served Cold/Script

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Dimitri: Get all of the heroin packed. We're shipping it tonight.

(Niko reaches Dimitri in the cargo hold)

Niko: Hey Dimitri, I don't think I'll be doing this deal with you. We have other business to finish.

Dimitri: Niko, it's been a long time. I thought your time in America might have calmed you down.

Niko: America does not change everyone. Look at you, you arrived in this country a spineless rat who would sell out his friends. That is what you will be when you die here.

Dimitri: Shut up this Balkan cock sucker.

(Niko begins fighting Dimitri)

Niko: I would never have trusted you again, you snake.

Niko: I have been looking forward to killing you for so long, Rascalov.

Niko: Your ship has sailed, Rascalov.

'Niko: Dimitri, where are you, you rat?

Niko: Come on Dimitri, I'm here to end this.

(Niko wounds Dimitri)

Niko: You're about to learn a lesson, actions have consequences. You screwed me over, now you're paying for it. Shame that'll be the second last thing that goes into your head. Goodbye.

Dimitri: You're the one who's going to learn a lesson. People aren't going to be happy if you kill me. Stupid motherfucker.

Niko: I've never been popular. I don't mean to start now.

(If Niko abstains)

Dimitri: Go easy on me. We were friends, remember?

Dimitri: Don't do it.

Dimitri: You're fucking a lot of people over by killing me.

Dimitri: It was a long time ago that I pissed you off. Forget about it.

Dimitri: It was never my idea to set you up.

Dimitri: I didn't mean nothing. Please.

Dimitri: Think about Pegorino, he's got nothing without this deal.

Dimitri: You don't need to do this.

Dimitri: Niko, it's not too late, we can work this out!

Dimitri: Hey, come on, we got history.

(Niko kills Dimitri)

Niko: I should have put you out of your misery a long time ago. Goodbye, Dimitri.

Post mission phone calls


Niko: I killed Dimitri, it's over. He was on the Platypus, the boat I arrived in Liberty City on. So it seems it ends where it began.

Roman: I guess you did what you felt you had to do. No deal, no money, no hot tubs and models. But Dimitri will not bother you again. I will see you at the wedding, yes? Remember to wear a suit.


Phil: Hey, it's Phil. I understand why you made the decision you did. For what it's worth, I didn't trust that Dimitri neither.

Niko: Yeah, well, I did what I had to do.

Phil: Anyway, you and me can't talk no more. Jimmy's falling apart. The Pegorinos ain't nothing no more. I'm out man. Goodbye.