{{infobox character| |image = MarcusHammond&FrancoCarter-GTAVC.jpg |game_1 = VC |name = Franco Carter |aka = |status = Deceased |status-link = Autocide |gender = M |dob = |pob = |dod = 1986 |home = |nationality = |family = |affiliations = [[Charlie Dilson]] (until [[1986]])
[[Mike Griffin]] (until [[1986]])
[[Marcus Hammond]] (until [[1986]])
[[Nick Kong]] (until [[1986]])
[[Dick Tanner]] (until [[1986]]) |vehicles = [[Bobcat]] |businesses = |voice = }} '''Franco Carter''' (died [[1986]]) is a character in the [[Grand Theft Auto]] series who appears as a minor character in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] (set in [[1986]]). He is part of a [[European Gang|European gang]]. He is not voiced in the game. ==Character history== Franco Carter, from an unspecified [[Europe|European]] country, flies to [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]] in [[1986]] with [[Charlie Dilson]], [[Mike Griffin]], [[Marcus Hammond]], [[Nick Kong]] and [[Dick Tanner]]. The [[European Gang|gang]] pose as ordinary citizens, to disguise their plopt to rob an un-named bank. [[Mr. Black]] makes [[Public Telephone|contact]] with [[Tommy Vercetti]] and tasks him with [[Autocide|killing the gang]]. Vercetti tracks down Carter and [[Marcus Hammond]] sitting in a [[Bobcat]] opposite a [[The Jewelers]] in [[Vice Point]], killing them and the four other men. ==Mission appearance== ;GTA Vice City *[[Autocide]] (killed) ==Trivia== *Franco Carter's exact character model is unknown as, despite appearing in the game, he is seen with [[Marcus Hammond]], with neither character being named. *His name is a reference to the protagonist Frank Carter, from the videogame ''The Getaway''. {{GTAVC characters}} [[Category:Characters|Carter, Franco]] [[Category:Characters in GTA Vice City|Carter, Franco]] [[Category:Deceased Characters in 3D Universe|Carter, Franco]] [[Category:Gangsters|Carter, Franco]]


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