[[Image:Angel (GTAVC) (front).jpg|right|thumb|250px|The Angel as it appears in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City|GTA Vice City]].]] The '''Angel''' is a motorcycle that has appeared in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]], [[The Lost and Damned]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]]. ==Description== The Angel is similar to the [[Freeway]] but features minor alterations, including [[wp:Pannier|side panniers]] (saddlebags) and patriotic paintwork it bears a similar look and paintwork to [[Peter Fonda|Peter Fonda's]] motorbike in the film "Easy Rider". The Angel is the gang vehicle of the [[Biker Gang]] in [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]] and the [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]] [[Liberty City Bikers|Biker Gang]]. In GTA Vice City Stories the vehicle is known as the '''Biker Angel''' and features a different blue and orange paint job. The Angel did not appear in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]; however, it returned in the Xbox Live exclusive [[The Lost and Damned]] as the preferred vehicle of the rival gang of [[The Lost Brotherhood]], [[The Angels of Death]]. In the downloadable content, it is made by [[Western Motorcycle Company]] and has also lost its patriotic paint job, but is directly based on the Harley-Davidson Panhead from "Easy Rider". ==Location == '''GTA Vice City''' *By a wall south of the [[North Point Mall]] in [[Vice Point]]. *[[The Greasy Chopper|The Greasy Chopper Bar]] in [[Downtown Vice City|Downtown]]. '''GTA Liberty City Stories''' *Parking lot of the [[Ferry]] Terminals, [[Harwood]], [[Portland Island]]. *[[Head Radio]] building, Harwood, Portland Island. *[[Marco's Bistro]], [[Saint Mark's]], Portland Island. *Lane opposite the [[LCPD in GTA III Era|police]] station, [[Chinatown, Liberty City|Chinatown]], Portland Island. *[[Liberty City Memorial Stadium]] parking lot, [[Belleville Park]], [[Staunton Island]]. *[[Hogs 'n' Cogs]] store, Belleville Park, Staunton Island. To get it here, the player must bust the windows, using Melee weapons as to avoid exploding the Angel. *At the cottage in Belleville Park, Staunton Island. *[[AMCo. Petroleum Company|AMCo.]] underground garage, [[Torrington]], Staunton Island. *Western wall of [[Donald Love|Donald Love's]] office building, Torrington, Staunton Island. *Western high rise apartment building, [[Wichita Gardens]], [[Shoreside Vale]]. '''GTA Vice City Stories''' *Parked by every [[Vice City Bikers|Biker]] empire site before being taken over. *Inside the garage by [[Lance Vance|Lance Vance's]] apartment after "[[Taking the Fall]]". ==Trivia== *The Angel used in the mission "[[Alloy Wheels of Steel]]" for [[Mitch Baker]] has superior handling and acceleration to a normal Angel, and it retains its features after the mission; however, if the player saves it in a garage, it will lose its abilities. *The Angel plays the following radio stations by default when entered : ** [[V-Rock]] in GTA Vice City Stories. ** [[Liberty Rock Radio 97.8]] in GTA IV: The Lost And Damned. ==Gallery==

Image:AngelLCS.jpg|[[Toni Cipriani]] on an Angel, [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories|GTA Liberty City Stories]]. Image:AngelVCS.JPG|An Angel in GTA Vice City Stories. Image:TLAD Angel2.jpg|The Angel as it appears in a pre-release material of [[The Lost and Damned]]. Image:Beta angel.png|An Angel extracted from the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. Image:Angel (GTACW).png|An Angel in GTA Chinatown Wars.
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