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The LSPD Auto Impound are two towing impounds for the Los Santos Police Department in Los Santos. One is located at the corner of Innocence Blvd and Roy Lowenstein Blvd in Rancho and another at the corner of Sinner St and Vespucci Blvd in Mission Row. In Grand Theft Auto V vehicles, in particular unique or modified vehicles, abandoned by the player are likely to be impounded at the Mission Row impound where they be retrieved for a fee. In Grand Theft Auto Online the vehicles are taken to the Rancho impound lot.

The Rancho impound lot, however, can not be used to retrieve vehicles but is a location for some of Tonya Wiggins' missions where Franklin Clinton returns the cars he has towed while covering for Tonya's husband JB Bradshaw. After the last of these missions, Pulling One Last Favor, Franklin can purchase the Rancho impound lot for $150,000, which gives him access to a Towtruck allowing him to deliver cars to the impound lot for $500 with money taken away if the vehicle is damaged when returned.


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