Las Lagunas Blvd

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Las Lagunas Blvd is a street in Los Santos running from Pillbox Hill in the south through Downtown, Vinewood, and Burton to West Vinewood in the north, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The street has connections to Power St, Alta St, Baytree Canyon Rd, Didion Dr, Clinton Ave, Eclipse Blvd, Vinewood Blvd, Spanish Ave, Hawick Ave, Occupation Ave, Carcer Way, Dorset Dr, Abe Milton Pkwy, and San Andreas Ave.


In GTA Online, the player can purchase one of two apartments along Las Lagunas Blvd through Dynasty 8: 0604 Las Lagunas Blvd (for $126,000) and 2143 Las Lagunas Blvd (for $115,000).


Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
0604 Las Lagunas Blvd West Vinewood Residential
2143 Las Lagunas Blvd Hawick Residence
Arcadius Business Center Pillbox Hill San Andreas Ave Business centre
Benefactor West Vinewood Spanish Ave Automobile sales
Bishops WTF?! Downtown Vinewood Vinewood Blvd Museum
Café Austere Burton Food and drink
The Casting Couch Actress Agency Burton Hawick Ave Talent agency
Le Chien Burton Clothing
Cluckin' Bell Burton Food and drink
Croq-A-Hoop Burton Hawick Ave Clothing
Daily Globe Pillbox Hill San Andreas Ave Newspaper
Dentistry Burton Hawick Ave Healthcare
Elgin House West Vinewood Residential
Fads Burton
Gentry Manor Hotel West Vinewood Eclipse Blvd Hotel
Harvey Molina's Apartment West Vinewood Residence
Haute West Vinewood Eclipse Blvd Food and drink
Kushy Burton Hawick Ave Marijuana sales
Liquor Hawick Hawick Ave Food and drink
Los Santos Corner Burton Hawick Ave Shopping centre
Nail Bar & Spa Burton Beauty salon
Ponsonbys Burton Clothing
Rockford Plaza Burton Hawick Ave/ Shopping centre
Tax Lawyers Burton Hawick Ave Law firm
Tophes Burton Clothing
Twinkle Toes Burton Hawick Ave Clothing
Up-n-Atom Burger Downtown Vinewood Vinewood Blvd Food and drink
Vinewood Garage West Vinewood Spanish Ave Private garage
Vinewood Museum West Vinewood Museum
Vinylism Burton/Hawick Hawick Ave Music store


  • Las Lagunas Blvd is based on La Cienaga Boulevard in Los Angeles.
  • When switching to Trevor Philips, the player may find him throwing up into a fountain off Las Lagunas Blvd.