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Elizabeta: No, uh, speak up, I can't hear what you're saying.

(Johnny walks in and Elizabeta points a pistol at him)

Johnny: Easy.

Elizabeta: Oh, it's you. One second. No, all you gotta do is walk through customs and you home free. Yeah. I'll see you soon. Don't worry about my friend Johnny. He's uh... he's ugly, but he don't bite.

(Elizabeta hangs up the phone)

Elizabeta: Andreas! Andreas!

Andreas: Okay... okay...

Elizabeta: Why do I pay you to protect me when you don't do nothing?

Andreas: I was in the kitchen. I was doing the thing you told me...

Elizabeta: I don't want no fucking excuses, get the fuck back in the kitchen.

Andreas: Okay. Okay.

Elizabeta: Jesus! Hey, Johnny boy.

Johnny: What's up?

Elizabeta: You had a good time the other day with those boys? Men and their motorcycles.

Johnny: Sure, why'd we needed to hit that convoy so hard? You know all these bodies can't be good for your business.

Elizabeta: You don't think I could survive out here if I wasn't dropping some people? I'm the big boss.

Johnny: Okay.

Elizabeta: People gonna love you but they gonna hate you even more. Right?

Johnny: Now you're starting to sound like Billy.

Elizabeta: They gonna hate you because you a woman, in this macho fuckin' world. They gonna hate you cos you from the island. Stupid people think Latinas ain't worth shit in this town. When you the big boss, and you me, these bodies got to come with it.

Johnny: Okay.

Elizabeta: I came up from a rough background. Man tried to turn me out, when I was fourteen years old... I fed him his balls.

Johnny: I'm just saying you should limit your casualties.

Elizabeta: When I ended that fucker, I got a reputation in PR. No man touched me after that. I ain't saying all men are bad. I wouldn't have married three of them if I thought that, right?

Johnny: Alright, let's do this Liz.

Elizabeta: Okay, okay, go get my girl, Marta. She just came in on the Adios flight from PR. You think this place look okay? It's so hard to get it nice again once the assholes have their party.

Johnny: Yeah, it's fine. She'll love it.

Elizabeta: Yeah? Okay...

(Johnny leaves)

Elizabeta: Andreas!

Andreas: Si?

Elizabeta: You fucking missed a spot!

Andreas: I missed a spot? No?

Elizabeta: Come fluff these pillows and get that spot off my couch.


(Johnny arrives at the airport and sees an FIB agent with Marta)

FIB Agent: What? Huh? Habla Ingles? Huh? Hable you're gonna suck American penis when you get into holding.

Marta: Liberty Swingers good tam, heh!

FIB Agent: Well... drug mule skanks ain't usually this cute. This is gonna be fun. Come on baby.

Johnny: Hey Yo! Yo! I don't know about you, but the America I believe in doesn't deport hard working young girls like this one.

FIB Agent: Yeah, well, the only thing this girl works hard at is swallowing bags of coke, and in a minute, blow me. So, sir, excuse me..

Johnny: Hey! Hold on. Your name Marta?

Marta: Si! Si!

(Johnny knees the agent in the groin and prepares to fight off FIB and LCPD)

Johnny: You're coming with me. C'mon keep your head down!

(A police helicopter arrives at the airport)

Johnny: We got a damn police copter on our tail. Shit.

Johnny: The assholes have sent a fucking chopper.

Johnny: Shit. The chops have got an eye in the sky.

Johnny: Shit, a pig chopper.

Johnny: We got a chopper on us.

Marta: What the fuck is going on? This is even crazier than my homeland.

Johnny: What are you saying? Just sit tight!

Marta: Men and their guns. It's the same bullshit everywhere.

Johnny: Sorry about the welcoming party, sweet cheeks. But you gotta stay down.

Marta: Help me.

Marta: Oh my God!

Marta: We haven't even been introduced.

Marta: We go now?

Marta: Where is Elizabeta? When are we going to see her?

(Johnny picks up Marta and tries to evade the police)

Johnny: Police chasing us - not good. Is bad. Okay?


Johnny: I must lose these policemen. Yes?

Johnny: Man, we've got to shake these cops.

(Johnny loses the cops and takes Marta back to Elizabeta's house)

Johnny: Me take you back Liz house. Comprende?


Johnny: I'm taking you back to Elizabeta's.

Johnny: Me, you go Liz Torres place. Yes? Okay?

Johnny: You, Marta, you first time in Liberty City?

Marta: Liberty City. Swingers. Baseball. Statue of Happiness. Ugly women. Sleazy politicians. Gun crime. The most self absorbed place on earth. Yes, Liberty City.

Johnny: Liberty City. Very good. You learn good. I mean, you're learning very well.

Marta: You are not exactly who I expected, Mr. Johnny. So, now we are going to the five star hotel?

Johnny: Me no hablo mucho Spanish, lady.

Marta: I need a shower after this terrible welcome. Ughh. I'm nauseated. You have any idea how many condoms filled with cocaine I have in my small intestine? I hope nothing has ruptured.

Johnny: No speakey E-Spanish, Marta. I'm sorry.

(Johnny take Marta to Elizabeta's house)

Johnny: Okay. Here we are.

Marta: This? Okay then. Thank you, Johnny. I will see you soon.

Alternate dialogue

Johnny: Johnny Klebitz. Nice to meet you.

Marta: Okay, Johnny. My name is Marta.

Johnny: Marta. Okay then. Not exactly the best welcome you could expect but that's Liberty City for you. Full of surprises and most of them bad.

Marta: Are you talking about what happened to the guards? If you are smuggling tens of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine into a country, you cannot expect smiles and kisses.

Johnny: Uhh. Yeah. Whatever Darling. You Liz Torres old friends? You, Liz amigos?

Marta: Elizabeta and me? We met in Puerto Rico, on a very hot night. We fuck, yes. But it is nothing serious.

Johnny: Elizabeta, I only work for her now because things are weird with my brothers. Hombres. Lost MC.

Marta: You pretend to be macho, but you like members of the same sex, as I do. How crazy.

Johnny: Loco. Yeah. I get loco.

Marta: Sometimes I ask myself if it's all worth it. They could've shot me. And these condoms floating inside my belly could burst at any moment.

Johnny: You, uh, maybe want to go out sometime? Let me show you around?

Marta: I take all the risks. And for what? A few measly hundred bucks, a trip to Liberty City and another night or two with Elizabeta. At least she's good in bed.

Johnny: Maybe the language barrier might be an insurmountable hindrance in this relationship.

Post mission text message

I got some work for you and Malc. Come see me. - Liz

Failing the mission

Marta dies

Elizabeta: Johnny, where the fuck are you? This is taking too long.

Johnny: Shit, Liz. I don't know how to tell you this, but the girl - she didn't make it.

Elizabeta: Marta? Johnny, what did you do? What the fuck did you do? Johnny, we need to talk face to face.