Morgan Merryweather

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Morgan Merryweathr
Appearances GTA III
GTA Liberty City Stories
Full Name Morgan Merryweathr


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Vice City (former)
Liberty City
Main Affiliations Double Clef FM (employer)
Liberty Tree (employer)
Occupation Entertainment critic
News reporter
Radio DJ
Voiced by Gerry Cosgrove

Morgan Merryweather is a character in the 3D Universe who appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is an entertainment critic, reporting for the Liberty Tree newspaper, and the DJ for the classical music station Double Clef FM. He is voiced by Gerry Cosgrove.

Character history

Morgan Merryweather, in 1986, was a Vice City resident and, presumably, an aspiring entertainment critic who phoned into the K-Chat radio station to discuss In the Future, There Will Be Robots play and the performance of the plays lead actor, Claude Maginot, while he was a guest on the station. By 1998 he had moved to Liberty City and phoned into the Double Clef FM radio station to complain about the station's present quality and host Sergio Boccino, who plays a lot of music by Italian composers. Merryweather would subsequently become the stations host and, despite his earlier complaints, plays the exact same amount of Italian composed music. He also becomes the Liberty Tree's entertainment critic.

As the host of Double Clef FM, he is a stereotype of a pompous classical music afficionado, interspersing the tracks with references to his refined lifestyle. His cultural references, however, are often incorrect. For instance, he at one point likens a piece of music to "Fellini's Lolita." Lolita was written by Vladimir Nabokov, and adapted for film once by Stanley Kubrick and again by Adrian Lyne. Federico Fellini never turned the book into a film. Moreover, Merryweather notes that he spent a summer "reading Proust in the original Italian." Marcel Proust wrote in French, not Italian. For the Liberty Tree newspaper, he wrote the Opera with Morgan Merryweather article in July 2001 and the Bayreuth Be Damned article in August 2001.