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Pre mission phone call

Contact: Bellic. We need you. Now. The chopper is prepped and waiting off Grummer Road in Northwood. Your sometime accomplice, Jacob, is there. He's riding shotgun on this one.

Niko: Jacob? The rasta?

Contact: Don't ask unnecessary questions. I want you to take out this guy's chopper. He was last spotted in Varsity Heights. No civilian casualties.


Little Jacob: Yes, here's my man Niko.

Niko: Hey, Jacob.

Little Jacob: Yo Niko, got some serious fire power up in here. Rocket launcher! Bo!

Niko: Let's find him and get this over with. I don't like being in this man's pocket.

Little Jacob: Ain't nuthin' but badda badda. There be the other chopper. Stick to him, Niko. We need to take him down where there be no people.

Niko: For a man who has asked me to kill a lot of men, this guy is really safety conscious.

Little Jacob: Seen. He got that government ting about him. All for the greater good and ting.

Niko: I have the feeling he don't want to be responsible for a helicopter crash in Middle Park.

Little Jacob: True dat. Yo, dis be some crazy shit ya know Niko. Yo, we inna the Star Junction in a helicopter. Dis some real spy shit I and I is doing ya know.

Niko: Shows you the people who need spy shit done get other people to do their dirty work.

Little Jacob: Seen, bredren. Everyting rash!

Niko: Shit, Jacob. You really gotta smoke that thing now? The secondary smoke doesn't exactly help my hand-eye coordination. And I'm paranoid enough with US government on my ass. Whatever actually, just smoke it.

(Niko flies under a bridge)

Little Jacob: Rhaaatid! What a' gwan?

Niko: Don't worry about the bridge, Jacob. I'm finally getting the hang of flying this thing.

Little Jacob: Yo Respect! Ya a righteous rudeboy, Niko.

(The two get close to the helicopter)

Little Jacob: He's over the water. Now are the time.


Little Jacob: Get close so I can take a shot!

(Jacob misses)

Little Jacob: How am I gonna get dis bumba clot with ya moving all over de place?

Little Jacob: Rhaatid, that just fuckery. I need to be back inna line.

Little Jacob: I can't take a show with dis damn turbulence ting going on.

Little Jacob: Rhaatid, Niko. I don't got no shot no more.

Little Jacob': How am I gonna get dis bumba clot with ya moving all over de place?

Little Jacob: Cha, missed the ras clot. Get me back in I spot.

Little Jacob: Steady now man, me need fe shoot!

(Jacob misses again)

Niko: Why'd you miss, Jacob? Smoking too much?


Niko: Come on, Jacob. You need new lenses in those glasses? Hit the thing.

Little Jacob: Keep steady for de shot now.

(Jacob hits the helicopter)

Little Jacob:Feel de fiyaah.

Niko: Good shot, Jacob.

Little Jacob: Ya got some crucial flying skills, ya know Niko. Can I drop I off on de heli pad though? Me no feel so good ya know. Trust me, dis ting a mess wit me structure. Yo, job well done ya know Niko, but we haffi get out dis bumba clot debt right now, ya know.

Niko: I do not think he can ask us to do more than this. Now it is our turn to get him to help us. If someone can find the man I search for, it should be him.

Little Jacob: Let's do it!

(Niko arrives at the helipad)

Little Jacob: Wicked Niko, ya don't know, ya de man, ya know? Sight de man soon, seen?

Alternate dialogue

Little Jacob: Yo, I ain't used to seeing de Star Junction from a helicopter, ya know Niko. It's like we in a movie or something.

Niko: Yeah! Only we could get arrested or killed. Those are the only differences.

Little Jacob: Gwann chill out Niko, we jammin' here.

Niko: Jacob, man! I don't see so good when you're blowing the smoke in my face! Fine, smoke it. Whatever.

(after shooting down the helicopter)

Little Jacob: Me done wit dat blood cat suit, ya know Niko. I don't care what type of prison sentence de boy want check me with, ya know star. No more ah dis.

Niko: It isn't easy to follow orders when you don't know what the fuck is going on. I have a feeling that it was the best to do what we did though.

Little Jacob: Yeah, but me done wit dis ting ya know, Niko. Me no go back inna no more blood clot helicopter wit di boy ya know, no more!

Post mission phone call

Niko: We shot down that chopper for you.

Contact: You think I don't know that? You think I've been sitting around scratching my balls with my head up my ass.

Niko: I'd be impressed if you had been.

Contact: I appreciate your assistance, Bellic. You did a good thing today. Now it's my turn. I will try to find the man you're after. I will call when I have something.

Post mission text message

Irie star! You got crazy flying skills. I an I should fly over to Jamrock one day, sight? Easy - LJ

Failing the mission

Losing the helicopter

Little Jacob: De boss gonna be vex with I an' I for losing dat ras clot ya know, cha! One love, me breda.

Niko: I lost your man.

Contact: He wasn't my man, he was your target. Lives may be lost because of this mistake. I'll be in touch. Pathetic.

Little Jacob dies

Niko: We lost Jacob in this piece of shit mission of yours.

Contact: He paid his debt to our country. He did a good thing. Maybe that was the one good thing he did. Not a bad way to die. I'll be in touch.