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Spanish Ave is an east-west running street starting in Rockford Hills in the east and ending in Hawick in the west, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The street also runs through West Vinewood and Downtown Vinewood. The street has connections to Alta St, Caesars Pl, Eastbourne Way, Elgin Ave, Laguna Pl, Las Lagunas Blvd, Mad Wayne Thunder Dr, Meteor St, Milton Rd, North Archer Ave, Portola Dr, Power St, Rockford Dr, San Vitus Blvd, and Strangeways Dr.

Mission appearances

Spanish Ave appears in the mission Still Pulling Favors for Tonya Wiggins where Franklin Clinton, standing in as a tow truck driver for JB Bradshaw, tows a broken down vehicle from Spanish Ave to a repair shop on Elgin Ave.


In GTA Online, the player can purchase one apartment along Spanish Ave. Sapphire, a dancer at Vanilla Unicorn, lives on the street.

Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
24/7 Hawick Convenience store
24 Hr Photo Hawick Photo development
Ammu-Nation Hawick Weapons
Badger Hawick Elgin Ave/Meteor St Electronics
Benefactor Downtown Vinewood Las Lagunas Blvd Automobile sales
Bite! Hawick Food and drink
Bullhead West Vinewood San Vitus Blvd Law firm
Caesars Auto Parking Downtown Vinewood Car park
Cheap Cell Phone Cards & Phone Accessories West Vinewood Cell phones
Coin-Op Laundry Hawick Laundromat
Dollar Cru$her Hawick Discount store
Epsilon Program Headquarters West Vinewood Portola Dr/Strangeways Dr Cult headquarters
Flojoscope Hawick Meteor St
Galileo House Hawick Meteor St Office building
Hair & Nails Hawick Beauty salon
Isomorph Technologies Hawick Meteor St
Los Santos Low-Cost Auto Insurance West Vinewood Automobile insurance
Los Santos Harmony Wellness Center Hawick Healthcare
Miasma Hawick Meteor St
Pharmacy Hawick Pharmacy
Pizza This... Hawick Food and drink
Pop's Pills Downtown Vinewood Alta St Pharmacy
Queefstat Hawick Meteor St
The Royale West Vinewood San Vitus Blvd Residential
Thermoskite Hawick Meteor St
Vinewood Garage West Vinewood Las Lagunas Blvd Private garage
The Vinewood Gardens Hotel Hawick Meteor St/Power St Hotel
Vinewood Institute Hawick Alta St
Vinewood Plaza Hawick Power St Shopping centre


  • ATM (at Pop's Pills)
  • eCola vending machine (at Badger)