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The Lost Brotherhood

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Usually, you will see members of The Lost on the streets of Acter, Alderney riding their [[motorcycles]] or standing around on street corners. They also have [[The Lost MC clubhouse]] where most of the gang can be found. Lost MC members could also be seen working as security at [[Honker's Gentlemen's Club]], [[Pegorino Family]] owned, in [[Tudor]] before The Lost became unfriendly with the [[Pegorino Family]]. They also control the [[Port Tudor Weapons Depot]] in [[Port Tudor]], Alderney. They rely on the use of [[Automatic 9mm|Automatic 9mm's]], [[Sawed-off Shotgun|Sawed-off Shotguns]], [[Baseball Bat|Baseball Bats]], [[Pipe Bomb|Pipe Bombs]], and [[Pool Cue|Pool Cues]] to get the job done.
It is belived that the war between the Angels of Death and the Lost started over one of the old ladies sleeping with a lost member (seems stupid)
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