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Ryder's House

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[[Image:Ryder's_house.jpg|thumb]]Ryder''Harvey Noto''' s House is the located in [[Boss|DonGanton]] of between the [[Messina FamilyJohnson House]], having took power in a long and bloody power struggle. He was believed to have met his consigliere, [[Harry Hall]] through the prostitution he ran through hotels like the [[Majestic Hotel|MajesticGrove Street]] and bridge. His [[Opium NightsPicador]]. ==LCPD Database information=='''Surname''': Noto '''First Name''': Harvey '''Age''': 66 '''Place of Birth''': Dukes, Liberty City '''Affiliations''': Messina Crime Syndicate '''Criminal Record''':*1958 - Grand Theft Auto*1960 - Loansharking*1960 - Extortion*1965 - Extortion*1970 - Possession Controlled Substance: Intent to Sell*1982 - Manslaughter '''Notes''':*Head of the Messina Crime Syndicate*Reported to can be plotting the murder of Mark Anthony Volpefound, a capo parked in his organization he believes to be a police informant.*Believed to have transformed the Messina Crime Syndicate to a dominant Liberty City force on the commissiondriveway.*The actual informant in his organization, Fredo Volpe, has collected evidence on Noto that should lead to a Federal Racketeering convication.*Despite rivalries, believed to be a close friend of Jon Gravelli. {{GTA IV Characters}}[[Category:Characters|Noto, Harvey]][[Category:Characters in GTA IV|Noto, Harvey]][[Category:Gang Leaders|Noto, Harvey]][[Category:Gangsters|Noto, Harvey]]
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