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This isn't a good article. Since your so called "Stories Era" begins in 1984 and ends in 1998, it intersects with part of the GTA III era (GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas), It isn't its own era. In fact, everything from 1984 to 2001 is considered part of the GTA III era.

Vice City Stories: '84

Vice City: '86

San Andreas: '92

Liberty City Stories: '98

Advance: '00

GTA III: '01

I see you tried more to be correct in this page, but once again it is incorrect and must be deleted.

Oh jeez, I was totally wrong. Now I see you put it down as a "Sub-Era", which it is. This doesn't need to be deleted, but it does need to be cleaned up. I'll do it for you.

U need to stfu and that article was a mistakes so idgaf fag

Please refrain from flaming other members. Mistake are reversible in a wiki.--Spaceeinstein 02:53, July 14, 2010 (UTC)