{{gtav-road |type=urban |west end=[[Calais Ave]] |intersections=[[Alta St]]
[[Power St]]
[[Elgin Ave]]
[[Strawberry Ave]]
[[Fantastic Pl]]
[[Sinner St]] |east end=[[Little Bighorn Ave]] }} '''Adams Apple Blvd''' is a street in [[Los Santos in GTA V|Los Santos]], which appears in [[Grand Theft Auto V]] and [[Grand Theft Auto Online]]. The boulevard runs from [[Little Seoul]] in the west to [[Mission Row]] in the east, running through [[Pillbox Hill]]. Adam's Apple Blvd has connections to [[Alta St]], [[Calais Ave]], [[Elgin Ave]], [[Fantastic Pl]], [[Innocence Blvd]], [[Little Bighorn Ave]], [[Power St]], [[Sinner St]] and [[Strawberry Ave]], and runs under the [[La Puerta Freeway]] at its western most point. ==Events of HD Universe== The [[Protagonist (GTA Online)|protagonist]] of [[Grand Theft Auto Online|GTA Online]] returns a number of repossessed vehicles to [[Premium Deluxe Motorsport]], as do [[Franklin Clinton]] and [[Lamar Davis]] during the mission [[Franklin and Lamar]]. A window at the dealership is later destroyed by Franklin while being held at gunpoint by [[Michael De Santa]] during [[Complications]], which later opens up a [[Random Event - Simeon Yetarian|random encounter]] allowing the player to kill the dealerships owner [[Simeon Yetarian]]. Franklin, Lamar and [[Stretch (GTA V)|Stretch]] also go to the [[Ammu-Nation]] located on the street during [[The Long Stretch]]. ==Businesses and places== {| class="wikitable sortable" ! Name ! Location ! class="unsortable"| Street ! Type |- | [[Ammu-Nation]] | [[Pillbox Hill]] | [[Elgin Ave]] | Weapons |- | [[Auto Repair]] | [[Mission Row]] | [[Fantastic Pl]] | Auto parts |- | [[Banner Hotel & Spa]] | [[Pillbox Hill]] | [[Alta St]] | Hotel |- | [[Discount Kitchen Supplies]] | [[Mission Row]] | | Furniture |- |- | [[Get Aweigh]] | [[Mission Row]]/[[Strawberry]] | | Sports |- | [[Mile High Club]] (under construction) | [[Pillbox Hill]] | [[Power St]] | Club |- | [[Pillbox Hill Garage]] | [[Strawberry]] | | Private garage |- | [[Pillbox South Station]] | [[Pillbox Hill]] | | Metro station |- | [[Premium Deluxe Motorsport]] | [[Mission Row]] | [[Power St]] | Auto dealership |- | [[Sanders Motorcycles]] | [[Mission Row]] | | Auto dealership |- | [[Schlongberg Sachs]] | [[Pillbox Hill]] | [[Strawberry Ave]] | Bank |- | [[Templar Hotel]] | [[Mission Row]] | [[Fantastic Pl]] | Hotel |- | [[Vapid]] | [[Strawberry]] | | Auto dealership |- | data-sort-value="Vault, The"| [[The Vault]] | [[Mission Row]] | [[Strawberry Ave]] | Nightclub |- | [[Wholesale Hosiery]] | [[Mission Row]] | [[Sinner St]] | Clothing |- |} ==Other== *[[Stunt Jumps in GTA V|Stunt Jump]] (in the [[Get Aweigh]] parking lot) [[Category:Streets in Los Santos in GTA V]]


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