{{Infobox vehicles | name = AT-400 | front_image = AT400-GTASA-inflight.jpg | image_size = 300 | caption = An AT-400 in flight [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas|GTA San Andreas]] | vehicle_type = Civilian [[Fixed-Wing Aircraft|fixed-wing aircraft]] | body_style = Passenger jetliner | game_1 = SA }} The '''AT-400''' is a [[Fixed-Wing Aircraft|jet airliner]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]. == Description == Based on either the [[wp:Boeing 737-400#737-400|Boeing 737-400]] or the [[wp:Airbus A320|Airbus A320]] commercial jets, the AT-400's large size and sluggish response makes the plane harder to control, similar to the [[Andromada]]. Nevertheless, the plane can in fact be used to execute stunts, including barrel rolls and loop-the-loops. A primary disadvantage to this plane is once you land and get out you can't get back in because the door is very high from the ground. The only way you can get back in it to find a [[Baggage]] with [[Towing#GTA San Andreas 2|a ladder]] attached to the back, land the plane at Las Venturas Airport and go to the hangar again, or find a [[Yankee]] and jump over it, using its back side as a platform. Unlike most other planes, this plane is also the only one that can be flown over [[Area 69]] with less chance of being shot down by homing missiles, providing you don't hang around. The AT-400 is also only one of two aircraft that can fly to the maximum height in the game, the other being the [[Hydra]]. Like the other planes, it can also be seen flying in the distance, but it is hard to take down the flying AT-400, even with homing rockets or kamikaze style attack. The plane is also used for [[Airports#Commercial flights|paid commercial flights]] between cities in [[State of San Andreas|San Andreas]]. ==Location== As a controllable vehicle, the plane is considerably rare, appearing in only one location, inside the large airport hangar in [[Las Venturas Airport]] in [[Las Venturas]], when the player approaches from the south. Regardless, the plane does not always spawn in the hangar. == Trivia == [[Image:AT400-GTASA-parked.jpg|275px|thumb|right|A parked AT-400 at the [[Easter Bay Airport]], with a [[Utility Van]] parked nearby for comparison in size.]] * The AT-400 is the largest controllable vehicle in the game (the second is [[Tug Boat|Tug]], a boat from GTA IV), the [[Andromada]] being the third largest. Interestingly enough, when comparing their real life counterparts the cargo plane (Andromada) is actually bigger than the passenger jet (AT-400). * The AT-400's initial is similar to that of the [[Airtrain|Air Train]], a similarly sized airliner that repeatedly appears as a static prop earlier in GTA III and GTA Vice City. * Certain [[modifications]], like the "Fly Mod" and the "Anti-Material Rifle", can knock an AT-400 out of the sky but it still takes a lot of practice to bring one down even with modifications. * There is no way the AT-400 can be saved at a [[garage]], since the entrance at the aircraft hangar at [[Verdant Meadows]] is too small for the plane to fit; obviously, normal garages at [[Save Points in GTA San Andreas|safehouses]] are way too small. * Of all aircraft in GTA San Andreas, the AT-400 is the most durable of all. Even when shot from SAM sites it can withstand between 8 to 11 hits before blowing up and falling from the sky. {{Navboxes |title= Navigation |list1= {{vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtasa vehicles|state=collapsed}} }} [[Category:Vehicles]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA San Andreas]] [[Category:Aircraft]] [[Category:Fixed-Wing Aircraft]] [[de:AT-400 (SA)]] [[es:AT-400]] [[fi:AT-400]] [[fr:AT-400]] [[pl:AT-400]]

The Job

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The Job
Tommy Vercetti, Ken Rosenberg, Phil Cassidy, Cam Jones (behind Cassidy), and Hilary King going over their plan.

Tommy Vercetti, Ken Rosenberg, Phil Cassidy, Cam Jones (behind Cassidy), and Hilary King going over their plan.
Game GTA Vice City
For Malibu Club
Target El Banco Corrupto Grande
Location Vice Point, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Death of Phil Cassidy
Death of Cam Jones before opening the vault
Death of Hilary King before his death in the cutscene
Death of the bank manager
Destruction of the Taxi
Reward $50,000
Bank Job Outfit
Unlocks Gun Runner
Unlocked by The Driver

The Job is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti from the Malibu Club in Vice Point, Vice City as an asset mission.


Following the completion of the previous three missions for the Malibu Club, involving planning a bank robbery, Tommy Vercetti and his three man bank job crew prepare for the robbery of the El Banco Corrupto Grande bank in Little Havana. Prior to the mission the four people involved in the robbery, along with Ken Rosenberg discuss the robbery. Despite having a specialised driver, Tommy drives the team to the bank in a Taxi. During the robbery, Hilary King is instructed to continue to drive around the block in order not to attract attention, and team change into green jumpsuits with hockey masks, and head inside the bank. Phil is instructed to keep an eye on all of the civilians. Tommy, and Cam head upstairs to the bank's vault while killing security guards. After having difficulty opening the vault, Tommy moves to the manager's office, and holding him at gunpoint, forces him to help open the vault. Tommy then checks on Phil, only to find a civilian being shot by Phil for activating an alarm. The team are then forced to fend off members of the Vice City SWAT. After the vault is opened, the team collect the money, and after killing more SWAT agents, head outside. Hilary arrives in the Taxi to transport the team, but is quickly gunned down by a SWAT agent after trying to distract them to give time for Tommy and Phil to get in the car. The remaining SWAT are killed by the team, Tommy drives the team to the nearby Pay 'n' Spray in order to lose the wanted level, and then to Cam's Can Openers to complete the mission.



The reward for completion of the mission is $50,000. The Bank Job Outfit and the Gun Runner mission are unlocked.


  • The song heard during the opening cutscene is Freaks Come Out at Night by Whodini. It wasn't featured on any radio station in GTA Vice City, but is featured on Fresh FM in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
  • If the player kills the man who triggers the alarm then another bystander takes his place. If both are killed, the hostages begin to riot, run around and attack Tommy and Phil.
  • The person who activated the alarm is a Patrol Invest Group security guard, as is the person who activates the alarm when the previous PIG is killed.
  • If the player gets to the ground floor fast enough, Phil Cassidy can be seen shooting and killing the PIG who activated the alarm.
  • Tommy Vercetti mentions the SWAT retirement fund in the mission. Deleted phone call dialogue shows that Kent Paul informed him of this.[1]
  • The bank can be entered after completing this mission. However, if the player attempts to go to the upstairs banking offices, security room, and/or the elevator room, they will immediately trigger the alarm and receive a 4-star wanted level. $1,000 can be found in the manager's office, and the elevator leading to the vault is closed. Also, the player cannot use the security room.
  • This mission is the only time in GTA Vice City that the player can enter the bank vault. Also, it is the only time that the player can use the security room.
  • The player can see the bank vault through the floor of the elevator room.
  • If Cam Jones is killed, the mission dialogue will change. Dialogue between Phil and Tommy suggests that they receive a larger share of the money due to Cam's death, but the reward for completing the mission will always be $50,000, regardless of Cam's fate.
  • When the cutscene outside after the robbery begins, if the player enters the "Destroy All Cars" cheat, the Enforcers will explode and kill all of the officers, but Hilary still pulls up in the Taxi. Since there are no officers to kill him, he will just drop dead.
  • The seating order in the Taxi on the way to the bank seems to be scripted. Regardless of what door everyone goes in, Tommy will be driving, Hilary will be passenger, Phil will be behind Tommy, and Cam will be behind Hilary. This creates confusion as the dialogue between Cam and Hilary will make no sense.
  • What is also peculiar is if Tommy exits the car on the way to the bank, the game will prompt him to get back in. However, when the player gets back in the car, Phil, Hilary, and Cam will get out of the car.
  • When Hilary is ordered to drive the taxi, upon him entering the taxi, the doors will automatically lock, meaning anyone cannot hijack the taxi.
  • If the player resprays the taxi and drives past a SWAT agent, the SWAT agent will shoot at the taxi like a hostile pedestrian. Attacking them while having a wanted level will cause the police radio chatter to call out the same 10-codes as used for crimes on civilians (e.g. on the non-PS2 versions of the game, shooting them causes the police radio to call out a 10-19 instead of a 10-51).
    • The SWAT agents outside the bank are armed with MP5s instead of Uz-I SMGs.
  • Just before Hilary drives away in the taxi, the boot opens up for no apparent reason.
  • Regardless of the outfit worn before completing the mission, Tommy will emerge wearing the Soiree Outfit.
  • It is possible to make Hilary kill Cam or Phil prior to entering the bank. The player only needs to run in front of or past the front of the taxi. If timed successfully, Hilary will run over Phil or Cam. However, this results in mission failure.
  • This mission is very similar to the Three Leaf Clover mission in GTA IV, as both missions involve a four-man team (which includes the main character) robbing a bank and one of the team members dying in the process. Furthermore, if the player fails to eliminate the PIGs on the second floor of the El Banco Corrupto Grande quickly enough, they will kill Cam, leading to mission failure. Similarly, in Three Leaf Clover, if Niko Bellic takes too long targeting the two police officers in the subway, then the police officers will kill one of his accomplices, leading to mission failure.
  • The Police Maverick's pilot's line "You are completely surrounded!" is the same line that is said towards the player if he has a 3-star wanted level or higher.


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  1. From american.gxt:
    On the phone
    Kent Paul: Hey there Tommy, you're gonna love me mate. A little birdy told me that Vice City SWAT Division has a deposit box at a certain rather large banking establishment, where they keep all the bribes they've taken over the years, like some kind of old boys' retirement fund. Of course, if this information should ever help you acquire any of that cash, I guess you'd feel obliged to push some of it my way?
    Tommy Vercetti: I'll bear that in mind, thanks Kent.