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Phil: Did you see a fuckin' helicopter on your way here?

Niko: No, I don't think so.

Phil: Okay, let's go, c'mon, quick. We gotta head towards Port Tudor. Go to the old factory off of Argus Street.

(Niko and Phil get in a car)

Phil: The fucking Russians have got to Charlie Matteo. They told this top Ancelotti Capo that it was us that took the sugar. Who knows how the fuck they knew.

Niko: I didn't tell nobody.

Phil: It don't matter. What has to happen is that you gotta take out Chubby Charlie before he choppers it into Algonquin to tell the Commission that we're knocking off the Ancelottis' action.

Niko: So, I go into this factory and ice this Fat Charlie?

Phil: That's right, I'm gonna go make a lot of noise so no one thinks I had anything to do with it.

(Niko drives to the Sprunk factory)

Phil: Alright, now the way I sees it there's two ways it can go down. You burst in the front and hit them in the face with everything you got. Otherwise you slip around the back, go in through the basement and fuck them up their asses.

Niko: Decisions... decisions.

Phil: I'll leave it up to you. See you later.

(Niko finds Charlie in the factory)

Charlie: Great, Jimmy P sent one of his low rate goons to try and clip me. Good luck, asshole!

(Niko chases him)

Charlie: Fuck you. Even if you take me out, my chopper pilot's gonna take the message straight to the Commission. Jimmy P is finished. Fucking finished!

(A helicopter picks up Charlie)

Charlie: I'm outta here. Next stop the fucking Commission.


Charlie: Next time I see the Peg, he'll be wearing cement boots.

Charlie: I'm coming back to clip you, asshole. Don't worry about that.

Charlie: Everyone on the Commission is gonna want Jimmy P clipped after this.

Charlie: This fucking chopper better not crash. Shit.

(Niko shoots down the helicopter)

Charlie: Motherfuuuuuuuuccccckkkkker!


Charlie: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Alternate dialogue

Phil: One lesson I've learnt, Niko. Assume everyone knows everything. Somehow, Chubby Charlie Matteo has found out it was use who ripped off the Russian coke. He is about to take a chopper into Algonquin to share that knowledge with the Commission.

Niko: You want me to take the fat man out before that happens?

Phil: If you don't then it'll be the Pegorinos going to the mattresses with every one of the Liberty City families. Not only is we gonna be looking over our shoulders every two seconds but we ain't gonna be able to earn.

Niko: I'll do my best to shut him up then.

Phil: Great, I gotta go get noticed so I ain't a suspect.

Post mission phone call

Niko: You don't need to worry about the fat man singing. He's lost his voice.

Phil: That's a real shame. How about them swingers, eh? Great work man, great work.

Failing the mission

Charlie escapes

Niko: Shit, Phil. The fat man is on his way to Algonquin. I couldn't get him.

Phil: This ain't good. I gotta tell Jimmy P. This family is about to get dysfunctional. Come see me.