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A few users (including myself) are working together to make a plethora of quizzes on Grand Theft Wiki. To help us, go here, or to give feedback on the quiz below, go to the talk page




Quiz 1

1. What is the name of Roman's fiance later wife?

a) Kate
b) Michelle
c) Mallorie
d) Cherise

2. Who is the person to finally find the person that Niko is looking for?

a) Ray
b) Roman
c) United Liberty Paper
d) Brucie

3. Why does Niko come to Liberty City?

a) Because of the lies that Roman has been telling
b) To find true love
c) Because he is looking for someone
d) To escape his past

4. What is the name of Liberty City's version of the Statue of Liberty?

a) Statue of Freedom
b) Statue of Happiness
c) Statue of Love
d) Statue of Liberty (name didn't change)

5. Which of the following is NOT a datable character?

a) Kate
b) Karen
c) Michelle
d) Kiki

6. What city/state is Alderney based on?

a) New York (state)
b) New York City
c) New Jersey
d) Jersey City

7. What city/state is Liberty City based on?

a) New York (state)
b) New York City
c) New Jersey
d) Jersey City

8. Which of Liberty city's four boroughs is the first visited by Niko?

a) Broker
b) Dukes
c) Bohan
d) Algonquin

9. Which of the following is NOT a borough of Liberty City?

a) Broker
b) Dukes
c) Bohan
d) Alderney
d) Algonquin

10. When Niko comes to Liberty City, what does he find out about Roman?

a) He is a drunk
b) He is a terrible liar
c) He is gay
d) He isn't gay

Quiz 2

1. Who kidnaps Roman?

a) Jimmy Pegorino
b) Dimitri
c) Little Jacob
d) Bulgarin

2. At what point during the storyline does Roman by the penthouse apartment in Algonquin?

a) Before he gets kidnapped
b) After Niko saves him from the kidnappers
c) When the apartment in Broker burns down
d) After Niko kills Playboy (if he does)

3. What is the motto of Liberty City

a) The Place Where Dreams Come True
b) The Best Place In America
c) The Land Of The Immigrants
d) The Land Of Opportunity

4. How many safehouses can Niko use during the game?

a) 1
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

5. How many times during the storyline is Niko given the choice of who to kill out of two people?

a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

6. How does the player know that they are given a choice of kill or don't kill?

a) The game prompts the player
b) The target's icon on the map (and the marker above their head) flashes red and blue
c) The target's icon on the map (and the marker above their head) is blue
d) The target doesn't have an icon on the map or a marker above their head

7. Who is Niko's first girlfriend?

a) Kate
b) Karen
c) Kiki
d) Michelle

8. Why did Niko date a homosexual man?

a) Because he planned to kill him
b) Because he is homosexual himself
c) To experiment
d) Because he is bisexual

9. Why did Niko want to kill Dimitri?

a) Because he doesn't like Russian people
b) Only because Dimitri tried to kill him
c) Because Dimitri tried to kill Little Jacob
d) Because Dimitri did a lot to hurt him

10. Which outing can Niko not take Brucie on?

a) Boating
b) Motorcycling
c) Helicopter Ride
d) Strip Club