:''This article is about the vehicle called the "Bike". For the article on bicycles in general, see [[Bicycles]]; for motorbikes, see [[Motorcycles]].'' {{double image|right|Bike-GTA1.png|180|Bike-GTASA-front.jpg|250|A Bike in GTA 1.|A Bike in GTA San Andreas.|}} The '''Bike''' refers to two different two-wheel vehicles in the GTA series: * A motorcycle in [[Grand Theft Auto 1]], [[Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961]], and * A pedal [[Bicycles|bicycle]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]. == Description == === GTA 1 — GTA London === Although the Bike in GTA 1 resembles the [[Freeway]] from between GTA III and GTA Vice City Stories, it is unclear what real life vehicle it resembles. The Bike has a decent top speed, acceleration and handling, although its grip is somewhat lacking, and has the lowest base export value of $100 (in mint condition). As expected from a motorbike in GTA 1, the Bike is capable of moving up staircases, and violent crashes will [[Involuntary Ejection|dismount]] the player. Strangely, if the player jumps off of the bike while they are accelerating, there is a chance that the Bike will continue driving itself - it will even turn corners on its own. The GTA London renditions of the Bike is, in effect, the same vehicle as the one in GTA 1 in terms of design and performance. However, whereas the Bike is second behind the other motorbike in GTA 1, the [[Superbike]], the Bike in GTA London is the best motorbike in the games as the Superbike's replacement, the [[Mod Scooter]], features far less desirable performance. {| align="center" | Bike-GTA1.png|A Bike in [[Grand Theft Auto 1|GTA 1]] ([[:Media:Bike-GTA1-tipped.png|Tipped to the side]]). Bike-GTAL.png|A Bike in [[Grand Theft Auto: London 1969|GTA London 1969]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: London 1961|GTA London 1961]], appearing identical to the Bike in GTA 1. |} === GTA San Andreas === In GTA San Andreas, this bike that can be found all over [[State of San Andreas|San Andreas]], however the most practical place to find it would be in [[Los Santos]]. It has moderate speed, moderate stunt ability, and since it serves as the middle-bike between the [[BMX]] and the [[Mountain Bike]], as the Bike has features from both the BMX and Mountain Bike balanced out. Even though it seems to have a large seat only one person can fit on it. It mostly resembles the [[wp:Schwinn|Schwinn]] Sting-Ray "chopper" style of bicycle introduced in the mid-sixties but the up tube and down tube are closer to a those of a Schwinn Fair Lady. It also features a decal on the side on a chain cap reading "Jameson-Jet", suggesting its real name. There is also a decal with a "J" on the head tube. {| align="center" | Bike-GTASA-front.jpg|A Bike in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas|GTA San Andreas]] ([[:Image:Bike-GTASA-ride-front.jpg|while ridden]]). Bike-GTASA-decal.jpg|The "Jameson-Jet" decal on the chain cap of GTA San Andreas' Bike. |} {{Navboxes |title= Navigation |list1= {{vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gta1 vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtalo vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtasa vehicles|state=collapsed}} }} [[Category:Vehicles]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA 1]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA London]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA London 1969]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA London 1961]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA San Andreas]] [[Category:Bikes]]

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