{{Infobox vehicles | name = Cognoscenti | front_image = Cognoscenti-GTA4-front.jpg | image_size = 300 | caption = A Cognoscenti in [[Grand Theft Auto: IV|GTA IV]] | rear_image = Cognoscenti-GTA4-rear.jpg | vehicle_type = Civilian | body_style = [[:Category:Limousines|4-door limousine]] | capacity = 4 (driver and 3 passengers) | manufacturer = [[Enus]] (GTA IV) | appearances = [[Grand Theft Auto: IV|GTA IV]]
[[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars|GTA Chinatown Wars]] }} The ''[[Enus]]'' '''Cognoscenti''' (pronounced as ''Con-Yo-Senti'') is a luxury sedan or limousine appearing in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]]. == Description == === Design === The Cognoscenti is mostly based on the [[wp:Maybach 57 and 62|Maybach 62]] sedan, in nature as well as its general appearance. To distinguish the car, cues for the front end seem to be taken from cars like the 2005–present [[wp:Bentley Continental Flying Spur (2005)|Bentley Continental Flying Spur]] or the 1999–2005 [[wp:Rover 75|Rover 75]]. The car may appear with one-tone or two-tone colors. The Cognoscenti features a wheelbase long enough to qualify for a limousine classification, but is still shorter in length to the [[Stretch]]. Nevertheless, police chatter will refer to the car as a stretch limo. It has the same interior as the [[Schafter]], complete with a [[Benefactor]] logo on the steering wheel. All versions in GTA IV come with alarms, but the ones at [[Jimmy Pegorino|Pegorino's]] house do not trigger when the doors are opened. Like the [[Turismo]] at [[Mikhail Faustin|Mikhail Faustin's]] house in [[Beachgate]], [[Broker]], it will trigger when a window is smashed in a full speed collision. For the GTA Chinatown Wars rendition, the design of the car has been reduced in size to that of a standard four-door sedan, but retains many of its GTA IV design cues, such as the two-tone body color and fascia design. {| align="center" | Cognoscenti-GTA4-front.jpg|GTA IV ([[:Image:Cognoscenti-GTA4-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view]]). Cognoscenti-GTACW.png|GTA Chinatown Wars. |} === Performance === In GTA IV, the Cognoscenti is one of the larger cars in the game, with an exceptionally long body for a sedan. The weight and length of the car make it more of a vanity vehicle than one useful for missions; its acceleration and handling are inferior to other sedans found throughout the city, however its top speed of 160 km/h (100 mph) is considerable. However, it boasts a powerful engine and rear wheel drive, so slides and oversteer can be achieved. The suspension has a good balance of soft/firm, which irons out bumps in the road, meaning that the car doesn't over-compensate over the bumps, whilst not jarring over them either. The GTA Chinatown Wars rendition is more maneuverable, given its shorter wheelbase and size, allowing the car to accelerate faster and steer around corners more easily. Other considerable features include its reponsive brakes and burnout capability. This makes the Cognoscenti one of the better four-door sedans in the game. == Variants and other prominent appearances == === [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] === * [[Anthony Spoleto|"Tony Black" Spoleto]], the Ancelotti's capo, owns a black Cognoscenti (befittingly), which is blown up in "[[Actions Speak Louder than Words]]". * A unique baby blue Cognoscenti is requested in [[Stevie's Car Thefts]]. The car will be constantly spawn in [[Alderney City]], [[Alderney]] until it is delivered to Stevie, allowing the player to store one at their safehouse before delivering another copy to Stevie. * A uniquely pearl white-painted Cognoscenti can be stolen outside [[Gracie Ancelotti|Gracie Ancelotti's]] home in Alderney City approximately two weeks after the player completes "[[Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend]]", when she appears as a [[Random Characters|random character]]. The car will be parked in the driveway to the house, and will keep respawning until the mission is completed, so the player can take it without doing the mission. Sometimes when the player activates the cheat to spawn a Cognoscenti, a pearl white one will appear. * During "[[Mr and Mrs Bellic]]", there is a gray and black Cognoscenti with a wedding ribbon over the front of the car's bonnet parked up outside the church which the player is required to head to; however, it is not possible to obtain it, as a cutscene when the player closes in at the car. The same Cognoscenti is featured in both of the [[A Revenger's Tragedy|final]] [[Out of Commission|missions]], sans the ribbon. * In [[The Lost and Damned]], a unique red Cognoscenti is obtainable during "Phone Ho'" for "[[Stubbs' Dirty Laundry]]", during which a politician rides it to pick up a prostitute. If the player is quick enough, they can take it after the mission and save it. === [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]]=== * [[Wu Lee|Uncle Kenny]] loans a purple-and-white Cognoscenti to [[Huang Lee]] in [[Pursuit Farce]]. Other than its colour (which is not seen on other Cognoscentis), it's virtually the same. * A gang variant of the Cognoscenti exists, being used by the "[[Mafia|Mob]]" in Algonquin, and is distinguished by its larger size, an all-dark gray body color, and a sunroof. * [[Rudy D'Avanzo]] drives away in a grey-and-white Cognoscenti after [[Grave Situation]] and uses the same one as a getaway car in [[A Rude Awakening]]. {| align="center" | Cognoscenti-GTA4-Stevie-front.jpg|The Cognoscenti requested in [[Stevie's Car Thefts]], GTA IV. Cognoscenti-GTA4-Gracie-front.jpg|The Cognoscenti obtainable during the player's [[Random Characters|random encounter]] with [[Gracie Ancelotti]] in GTA IV. Cognoscenti-GTACW-gang.png|"Mob" variant of the Cognoscenti in GTA Chinatown Wars. |} == Trivia== * ''Cognoscente'' means a connoisseur or an expert in a certain field, usually the fine arts, while ''cognoscenti'' is the plural form of the word. * In [[GTA IV]], the default radio station in the Cognoscenti is [[The Journey]] in [[Grand Theft Auto IV|GTA IV]] and [[Self-Actualization FM]] in [[GTA IV Episodes|Episodes from Liberty City]]. * The Cognoscenti has hard-to-see front turning lights. They are located above the external headlights as small, white lights. * The Cognoscenti comes with a [["Door Ajar" Chime|"door ajar" chime]] which can be heard when door is open in quiet areas with volume turned up. * The Cognoscenti is the only vehicle manufactured by [[Enus]] in [[GTA IV]] and [[The Lost and Damned]]; Enus' line of vehicle is expanded in [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]] with the inclusion of the [[Super Diamond]] and [[Super Drop Diamond]]. ==Locations== ;GTA IV * Two at [[Jimmy Pegorino]]'s house in [[Westdyke]], [[Alderney]], one outside and one inside the garage. * Rare pearl white variant outside [[Gracie Ancelotti]]'s house when she is a [[Random Characters|random character]]. * Sometimes found around [[The Exchange]], [[Algonquin]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]. * Sometimes, can be found driving around the terminal at The [[Francis International Airport, Dukes|Francis International Airport]] * Can be spawned by cheat-code, 227-555-0142 (will not block any [[Achievements in GTA IV|trophies/achievements]]). * The car in which Jacob waits in [[Out of Commission]]/[[A Revenger's Tragedy]] is a Cognoscenti with dark-tinted windows. ;GTA Chinatown Wars * Spawns commonly in more affluent areas of the city, such as [[Willis]] and [[Meadow Hills]] in [[Dukes]], and the southern half of [[Algonquin]]. * Parked at the driveway of the northwesternmost house in [[Meadow Hills]], [[Dukes]]. * The "Mob" variant commonly spawns in and around [[Little Italy]], [[Algonquin]]. * The "Mob" variant can be purchased at the Auto Merchant in [[BOABO]], [[Broker]]. ==Notable Owners== *[[Jimmy Pegorino]] *[[Gracie Ancelotti]] ( As seen in a [[Random Encounter]] ) {{Navboxes |title= Navigation |list1= {{vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtaiv vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtacw vehicles|state=collapsed}} }} [[Category:Vehicles]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA IV]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA Chinatown Wars]] [[Category:Limousines]] [[Category:4-Door Sedans and Coupes]] [[Category:Gang Cars]]

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