:''For the district in the [[Grand Theft Auto 1]] rendition of [[City of San Andreas|San Andreas]], see [[Richman (GTA 1)]].'' [[File:Richman-GTASA-westwards.jpg|thumb|390px|Richman, Los Santos, as viewed to the west in GTA San Andreas.]] [[File:Richman_Map.jpg|thumb|Richman location]] '''Richman''' is an affluent residential district in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], located in western [[Los Santos]], west of [[Mulholland]] and north of [[Rodeo]]. It also borders two countryside counties, namely [[Red County]] and [[Flint County]]. This neighborhood is based on [[wp:Bel Air, Los Angeles|Bel Air]] and parts of [[wp:Sunset Boulevard|Sunset Boulevard]]. Like its real-life counterpart, Richman features many large, upscale mansions. It is possible to enter some of these houses by activating the [[Burglar|burglary missions]] from the black [[Boxville]].  However they are no 'special' items, and features the same items that you would you see in a house in [[Ganton]], or any other house in any other part of the state. The area also consists of steep cliffs and for the intention to ride off. It's name is likely meant to be a joke at the affluence of the area (this place in inhabited by ''rich men''). ==Collectibles== *One [[Tags|Gang Tag]] {{Los Santos neighborhoods}} [[de:Richman]] [[es:Richman]] [[pt:Richman]]

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