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X is a Vice City-based reality television network mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV but unavailable on television in the game. As of 2008, the X Network is the 9th most-watched TV channel in America.


X was founded in 1985 in Vice Beach. They quickly gained success with shows like Vice Wet Swimsuits and Vice Beach Bad Girls (which later was adopted to Vinewood Bad Girls in Los Santos and Algonquin Bad Girls in Liberty City). After a rise of the crime level in Vice City in the late 1980s, the company decided to move to Vinewood, Los Santos, but also in Los Santos was the crime rising, and after the riot in 1992, the company decided to move back to Vice City where it is currently located.

Despite being a highly-rated TV network, X does not operate in the Northeast of America (e.g. Liberty City, Alderney and Carcer City). The reason for this is an broadcast in 1996 showing Candy Suxxx performing oral sex on a much-loved Liberty City politician, that made ANEBC (American North-East Broadcast Community) decide that X was too sexually corrupt to be shown in their area. Although X lost over 3 million viewers, they were as successful as ever and is currently the most watched TV network in Vice City with an average number of viewers on well over 10 million a day. It remains a "Pop-Culture Icon" and a lasting symbol of the glamorous late 1980s' Vice Beach.


  • The X Network is obviously based on the E! Network, also a celebrity reality show channel.
  • The X Network cannot be viewed in Liberty City, Alderney or Carcer City.
  • The name X is also a reference to the illegal drug Ecstacy.