...I'll Take Her

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...I'll Take Her
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Gracie Ancelotti being photographed by Niko Bellic.
For Irish Mob
Target Gracie Ancelotti
Location Acter & Leftwood
Fail Gracie Dies
Reward $9,500
Unlocks She's a Keeper
Unlocked by I'll Take Her... and Weekend at Florian's
Niko Bellic on the phone with Packie.

The mission ...I'll Take Her -aka Ransom- is a continuation of the mission I'll Take Her... in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Gracie Ancelotti's father doesn't believe that Gracie is kidnapped, but thinks she is out with "some guy". Niko Bellic heads over to the safehouse where Gracie was dropped off at the end of the last mission. She is being watched over by Gordon Sargent, and Niko enters the apartment to take a photo of her to send to Packie, who will send it to her father. He back-hands Gracie to make her look at him, and then he takes the picture and leaves.


  • Gracie can be shot in the foot but, she will only scream through her gag. If you shoot her too many times, she will obviously die.
  • If you leave the room, and come back in before leaving the building, Gordon will make comments, like: "What are you doing here again?", "Make yourself useful and get me some fries, will ya?" or "Niko, some fries would really hit the spot right now."
  • Shooting Gracie or Gordon to death will cause Niko to call up Packie upon failure of the mission and make a humorous comment about his rage, or how he needs control himself depending on who was killed.
  • Gordon was watching porn on TV during the mission.


(Packie is calling Niko, Niko answers)

Niko Bellic: How's my favourite girl?

Packie McReary: We need a picture of Grace, her 'pa thinks she's hold up with some guy. He don't believe we got her. Will you do it? Ma's still upset.

Niko: So, I'm a portrait photographer now am I? Okay I'll send you it on my phone.

(Niko arrives at kidnap location)

Gordon Sargent: Where you been? I've been jonesin' for some fries for about five hours.

Niko: Sorry, your shift ain't over Gordo, I'm just here for some holiday pics.

(Niko approaches Gracie and slaps her to get her attention)

Niko: Hey, you been missing me?

(Niko points camera at Gracie)

Niko: Smile for your daddy Grace.

Gracie Ancelotti: (muffled) Fuck you!

Gracie: (muffled) Can anybody hear me out there!

Gordon: See ya later man!

(Niko calls Packie)

Packie: Nice one Niko, Old Man Ancelotti won't believe his girl's hold up with a guy no more.

Niko: Not unless that guy's into some sick shit. Later on Packie.