...I'll Take Her

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...I'll Take Her
For Gracie Ancelotti
Target Gracie Ancelotti
Location Acter & Leftwood
Fail Gracie Escapes or Dies
Reward $9,500
Unlocks Packie McReary Mission Ransom
Unlocked by I'll Take Her... and Weekend at Florian's

The mission ...I'll Take Her (A.K.A Ransom) is a continuation of the mission I'll Take Her... in Grand Theft Auto IV. Gracie's father doesn't believe that Gracie is kidnapped, but thinks she is out with "some guy". The player heads over to the safehouse where Gracie was dropped off at the end of the last mission to take a photo of her to send to her father. Niko hits Gracie to make her look at him, and the player is instructed to take a photo.


  • It's strange, that Packie didn't take the photo himself, because he was in the safehouse with a camera phone. It can be seen in The Ballad of Gay Tony.