A Home in the Hills

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A Home in the Hills
Madd Dogg greets Carl Johnson after getting out of rehabilitation

Madd Dogg greets Carl Johnson after getting out of rehabilitation
Game GTA San Andreas
For The Four Dragons Casino
Target Big Poppa
Location The Four Dragons Casino, The Strip, Las Venturas
Reward Respect
Unlocks Vertical Bird

A Home in the Hills is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to Carl Johnson from The Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas.


Kendl, Carl and Wu Zi Mu are inside The Four Dragons Casino in Woozie's office and judging audition. After a while, Madd Dogg appears and tells everyone that he wants to returns to his home in Los Santos which is his mansion. However, it turns out that it's seized and the Los Santos Vagos have taken over the place. Carl furiously questions Madd Dogg's decision and after a while, the scene changes to him and a couple of Triad gang members seen in an Andromada plane, preparing to battle the Vagos as Carl receives a phone call from Kendl.

Kendl says she, Madd Dogg and Cesar Vialpando have gone to San Fierro to see if everything is in place before returning to Los Santos. When the plane reaches its destination, the Triads and Carl all jump out and parachute to the helipad on the roof of Madd Dogg's mansion and finish off everyone of the Vagos on their way before the rest of the team arrive.

Once all the Vagos outside are dead, the team shoot their way inside the mansion and finally find Big Poppa. Carl chases him down through the mansion all the way until they reach the exit where Big Poppa enters his Phoenix and escapes with Carl following him in a pink Windsor. After a chase around the hilly sections of the city, Carl kills Big Poppa and officially takes back the mansion for Madd Dogg.


The reward for completing this mission is increased respect and the mission Vertical Bird is also unlocked. The player can also use Madd Dogg's Crib as a safehouse, but beware of the basketball glitch that can occur.


  • Inside the mansion a girl can appear, who has the same pedestrian model as Denise Robinson. Killing her doesn't effect any progress with Denise whatsoever.
  • During a short cutscene when the Triads and Carl enter the mansion, a Triad gets beheaded by an SMG gun. During normal gameplay, an SMG can't behead pedestrians.
  • Big Poppa's Phoenix is an extremely rare car and can be obtained by the player, despite the fact that the vehicle is locked in the mission. The player can block the Phoenix and kill Big Poppa to complete the mission. The vehicle can then be obtained by pushing it to a Pay 'n' Spray or to a safe house garage.
  • Guppy joins you in this mission, and he will guard the balcony. He can die, but if you kill a few Vagos in the hallway, they stop coming, so Guppy doesn't die.
  • When inside the mansion, Radio Los Santos is heard.
  • Bounce FM, will automatically pop up when the player enters the Windsor.


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