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A Revenger's Tragedy

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A Revenger's Tragedy is the final storyline mission of Grand Theft Auto IV if the Deal storyline was chosen. It follows the mission Mr and Mrs Bellic and is triggered by a phone call Niko receives from Little Jacob.

A Revenger's Tragedy
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Dimitri executing his friend Pegorino, proving his disloyalty to everyone
For Little Jacob , Niko Bellic
Target Dimitri Rascalov
Location Alderney
Reward X360 Achievement / PS3 Trophy - You Won
Unlocks Nothing
Unlocked by Mr. and Mrs. Bellic (Deal)


The Chase

Get to Jacob in a car in Koresh Square. The car is a Cognoscenti. Get inside. Jacob points to a mysterious car nearby; they're Jimmy Pegorino's men. Make a T-Turn to begin the pursuit (go in reverse with the stick full right; wait for front end to swing around; throw into forward with stick full left; brake when the car has turned back to the opposite direction you started in). There will be an immediate tight right turn onto the Plumbers Skyway you must negotiate. The car you are driving is fast, but steers and brakes poorly. Chase after Pegorino's goons. They will mainly follow the highway, and swerve in and out of both lanes. Watch out for other cars heading the other direction. Do not waste time firing on the car -- concentrate on making it safely to the finish of the chase. After a few minutes, the chase will end in Northern Alderney on the beach near Leftwood. Be especially careful not to roll the car which is easy to do in a couple of the tight turns the chase will take. Also be careful not to send the car into flames by then or you'll fail.

The target vehicle drives to an abandoned casino, Dimitri's apparent hideout. A cutscene shows Niko's car sliding to the side and stopping. Niko and Jacob get out, take out their weapons and gain cover behind the car. Niko tells Jacob to go home and stay there until Niko really needs his help. Jacob runs away as fast as he can and leave Niko to clean up Dimitri Rascalov. Note: due to a glitch this exchange with Jacob is sometimes omitted, leaving Niko unexpectedly alone when the gunfight begins. (There's a Flying Rat behind you as you face Rascalov's men.)

The Casino

Get cover and gun down Dimitri's guards. This is a standard shootout although the enemies do have some heavy weaponry. Don't worry about chasing Dimitri yet, just get rid of his men. (The RPG is handy for taking out some of the enemies next to vehicles in the early stage of the battle.) Once the parking area out front is clear, look for a doorway into the ruined casino and head inside (when you approach the doorway Little Jacob texts you with information about his escape plan), but be prepared to shoot it out with more men (watch for a life-saving health pack near a staircase). Eventually, a cutscene will play as you follow Dimitri's tracks; Dimitri openly betrays Pegorino and assassinates him. Again, continue to cut down his men and don't stop moving. Dimitri will climb onto the roof and attempt to depart in a helicopter with a couple of his men. Niko jumps and clings onto the skids as it takes off but one of Dimitri's guards stamps on Niko's hands sending him crashing into the water next to a near-by boat.

Boat Chase

Board the boat quickly and move away from the casino as fast as possible. You will hear, but not see, a rocket fired from Dimitri's helicopter at your boat. If you do not smoothly board the boat and begin moving, you will die. Take control of the boat and carefully chase Rascalov's helicopter down the West River until you see Jacob's Annihilator fly into the scene. Chase Jacob's helicopter and get under it to climb on.

(Warning: when you begin chasing Dimitri, the boat will be orientated towards a large rock island. Do not go to the right, or else you will beach the boat and fail the level; head to the left of the island to stay in the chase. It's also possible to hang the boat up on smaller rocks close to shore, so stay in the clear water.)

Helicopter Chase

Work your way onto the helicopter and take the steering. Fly after Rascalov's helicopter but don't use the mounted miniguns like the game prompts. This is just wasting time since Rascalov's helicopter has infinite health and it's also a bad idea because you'll risk getting hit by the rocket launcher's missile. Just as in the road chase in Alderney, focus on completing the air pursuit safely. You can do this by immediately gaining as much alltitude as possible, as hitting even one of the buildings will almost certainly guarantee mission failure.

The Landing

One of Rascalov's men shoots after you with an Rocket Launcher and Jacob shoots after them with a carbine. After some time Jacob damages the helicopter, but they also hit you with a missile that can't be dodged. Both choppers crash-land on Happiness Island with Niko, Jacob, Dimitri, and Rascalov's goons narrowly surviving.

Kill Dimitri

Find Dimitri and empty every bullet you have into him, he will go down in no time with powerful weapons such as the Carbine Rifle or Assault Rifle. Watch for his henchmen and the police. Once he is down, a cutscene will play showing Dimitri dying of his wounds. Jacob and Niko then leave the scene and the credits roll.


This completes the "deal" variant of the main story of GTA IV. The credits roll and end with Niko saying "So this is what the dream feels like, this is the victory we longed for". If you're playing the PS3 version, you get a Trophy, You Won. If you're playing the Xbox 360 or PC you get an Achievement, 60GS You Won. Also if you have beaten the game under 30 hours, you will get the Liberty City Minute trophy/achievement.


Tips and Tricks

  • It goes without saying that heeding Little Jacob's text message advice and maxing out all available weaponry and armor is a must. Unfortunately, as Jacob points out, the gun car isn't available so you need to pay full price at a gun shop; that, or spend the time visiting weapon spawn locations. There is no time limit to get to Little Jacob's car one he phones you.
  • Jacob's phone call happens about one game hour after you receive the text message. Once the mission is triggered, you can no longer save at a safehouse, meaning any re-stocking of weapons and ammo will have to be redone if the mission fails and you reload. One way to avoid this and sneak in a save is to trigger a wanted level in some fashion after restocking at a weapon store but before Jacob's phone call and keep the wanted level active until you can get to the Alderney safehouse, where you can save as normal to eliminate the wanted level. Jacob should call you soon after Niko wakes up. Alternately, if you are fast enough in the weapon shop, have the Alderney (or any) safehouse set as a waypoint, and are able to find a taxi immediately, it's just possible to get to a safehouse and save the game before Jacob calls. The Middle Park East Safehouse or Playboy X's Penthouse are better places to try to save in this fashion because it takes less time to get to those apartments than navigating the staircases at Alderney or Bohan. Of course, an even easier way to stock up and not worry about any time limit is to stop by a weapon dealer before heading to the wedding.
  • You're on your own in this mission: not only is Little Jacob's gun car unavailable, but so is Dwayne's backup, Brucie's chopper, etc.
  • The traffic in the initial car chase is scripted, however the speed of the target vehicle will vary depending on how close you get. As a result, he might crash into other vehicles in one attempt, but not do so in another. When the enemy car crosses onto the wrong side of the road you don't need to immediately do so yourself (if you miss the crossover) but you should move over at the earliest opportunity because the enemy car will eventually take a wrong-way off-ramp and lose you if you don't get over in time.
  • RPGs, grenades and sniper shots are the best way to deal with the initial gauntlet outside the abandoned casino (the Cognoscenti can take a lot of gunfire and makes excellent cover and you can snipe the three men on the roof, as well as numerous targets on the ground without having to get out of crouch position and by taking minimal damage). One spot where it's easy to be killed inside the casino is when you enter the room where the Dimitri/Pegorino cutscene plays out. There will often be a gunman in there who will start firing at you point blank the moment the cutscene ends; always toss a grenade or two into the room before entering it, especially if you still hear someone talking in a challenging manner.
  • It's very easy to use up ammo (including harder-to-find items like grenades and RPG shells) in the casino; don't forget you will be facing a second gun battle on Happiness Island. Arriving on the island with the health meter flashing red is also hazardous. One health pack that's easy to miss is one off a staircase opposite where Pegorino's body falls; if you have low health after shooting the last few thugs on the roof, be sure to backtrack and grab it before approaching Dimitri's helicopter.
  • Some walkthroughs (including an earlier version of this page) may suggest avoiding the first rocket shot at Niko after falling from the helicopter by swimming under the dock and waiting for it before climbing into the boat. Do not do this. The rocket will destroy the boat and the mission will fail. The only way to continue the mission after falling out of the helicopter is to successfully swim to the boat, board it, and pilot it away from the dock before the first missile hits.
  • If you are finding it difficult to reach Jacob's chopper during the boat chase then follow these instructions. Get in the boat as quickly as you can and once you do go full throttle all the way. If you slow down for even a second you may fail the mission. Also, avoid making sharp turns as this slows down your speed. (Piloting at high speed also makes it harder for Dimitri's chopper to draw a bead on you for further rockets.
  • Contrary to popular belief DO NOT move the joystick forward it does not increase your speed. Once Jacob appears, align your boat exactly to the marker to ensure the cutscene triggers.
  • Dimitri runs toward the Statue of Happiness. Do not follow him straight; the combined forces of Dimitri's henchmen and the police won't get you far. Instead, follow the pathway around the island, clockwise. If you take damage you can actually stop at one of the hot dog vendors to replenish health. If you follow the pathway around, you'll eventually find Dimitri standing in a grassy area off to the west side of the statue's base (he doesn't go in).
  • Shooting in the island may trigger a 3-star wanted level (most likely if you kill a police officer). Be cautious, though the man shooting at you right after the cutscene, standing near where the helicopters crashed, can be gunned down safely.


  • Like in Out of Commission, the track "Pruit Igoe" by Philip Glass can be heard over the final cutscene. This song can be heard on The Journey during normal gameplay, and was notably used in the first GTA IV trailer. The song can also be heard on the radio during the final moments of the car chase.
  • After the mission, Niko will receive numerous phone calls in the game-hours following. One from Mallorie, revealing her pregnancy; one from Brucie, stressing how "wrong" the loss was; and Kate, stating that she is there for Niko if he needs her; although Niko brushes her off, he can start dating her again. Niko will also receive an email from Brucie, stating that he is there for him.
  • Despite being dead, Roman is still included on Niko's speed-dial. Calling the number just gets Roman's stock voice mail message.
  • After the mission, most friendship perks that were made unavailable in the endgame are reactivated, with the obvious exception of Roman's car service. Also, Francis is no longer listed on your phone, so his clear wanted level service is no longer available (however, if you are still dating Kiki and have high enough friendship, you can continue to use her version of the service).
  • Two news stories run on the Liberty Tree's website related to the Deal storyline itself, one inaccurately detailing the death of Roman (this one is actually available for viewing immediately after Roman dies), and another noting the death of Dimitri at Happiness Island. There is also another story reporting on the death of Jon Gravelli.
  • If the player's boat gets hit by the helicopter's rocket launcher, the player will die instantly and Dimitri's helicopter will lose control and crash into the water for no reason.
  • The color of the jacket worn by the man who kicks Niko out of Dimitri's helicopter varies in color from play to play.
  • If the player fails to climb up into Jacob's Annihilator in time, they will fall into the sea and the helicopter will crash.
  • The boat used by Niko to chase Dimitri is same as the one used by Pegorino to escape in the Revenge ending.


  • Niko will sometimes die when he falls out of Dimitri's helicopter and hits the water, regardless of how much health he has.
  • Sometimes Jacob's helicopter will be blown out of the sky the moment Niko starts climbing into it.