Adriana Yanira Lopez

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Adriana Yanira Lopez
[[Image::File:AdrianaYaniraLopez-TBOGT.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
Full Name Adriana Yanira Lopez
Aliases Mrs. Lopez
Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth 1953
Place of Birth Dominican Republic
Age Now 64
Nationality Dominican
Home Northwood, Liberty City
Family Unnamed ex-husband
Luis Fernando Lopez (son)
Leta Lopez-Wilkinson (daughter)
Ernesto Lopez (son)
Main Affiliations Armando Torres
Henrique Bardas
Voiced by Lucia Armendariz

Adriana Yanira Lopez is a 55-year old Dominican who resides in Northwood and is the mother of Luis Fernando Lopez, Leta Lopez-Wilkinson and Ernesto Lopez in The Ballad of Gay Tony. She is also like a mother figure to Luis' close friends Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas. Her husband joined the Marine Corps, then ran out on her whilst two of her kids went off to start families. She is constantly telling Luis to stop working in the guns, drugs, and money fueled nightclub life, and that it's not too late to go back to school, which annoys Luis. She appears to be somewhat of a hypocrite, as she accepts money that Luis makes at the club and gives her, to which she responds hopelessly "What choice do I have? I lost my job!".

She is very naive. Armando, now a drug dealer, has her convinced he is going to college (like she wants Luis to do) and Luis tells Mori Kibbutz that she once lost a great deal of money in an investment scam. She believes that Mr. Santo (a loan shark who lent her money to keep her home) is a "nice man" after he subtly threatens to burn her apartment down, and forces Luis to go back to cage fighting to repay her debt.

Appearances in missions

The Ballad of Gay Tony


  • Adriana Yanira Lopez is the only mother in the GTA IV era to be actual seen in-game, not just mentioned.
  • In Adriana's house, her TV is seen playing the first GTA IV trailer. This not the only place to witness a TV playing a GTA IV trailer, the other place to see it is during the cutscene's in Yusuf Amir's penthouse.