Alan McClean

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Alan McClean
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Alan McClean
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Southern San Andreas

Alan McClean is a character appearing in a preview Lifeinvader profile in Grand Theft Auto V. He is a parenting guide author, and had published the book Hitting Kids works Wonders with GetMo Publishing. McClean's 9-step parenting method revolves around Marine-esque physical discipline, claiming that "Your kid may come back a bit bruised, but he'll never disrespect you again. And that’s a fact." McClean also runs a weekend bootcamp to compliment the book.

McClean is politically conservative, formerly supporting the Coffee Grinder Party (based on the American Tea Party Movement) until "they went soft". He is also a Christian, with his religious views stated as "Old Testament". Aside from parenting, his interests include dune buggies, gladiators and Roman history.