Alex Shrub

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Alex Shrub is a right wing politician who became the youngest state congressman in Florida history because, according to Maurice Chavez, "he has a great haircut and says things that make you nod your head". Shrub is a delusional congressman who knowingly ties to cover up and distract people from the fact that Vice City is going downhill under his term. He cares Only about money and has allowed businesses to do as they please, such as legalization of Giggle Cream, a haardous dessert which has killed 23 people. Eventually, he is blackmailed by Vercetti and Steve Scott after they acquire photographs of the politician Engaged in crossdressing and extra-marital affairs.

There is a common (but unofficial) perception that Alex Shrub is a caricture of former U.S. president George H. W. Bush and Florida governor Jeb Bush. In addition to their political learning and similar last names (bush and shrub are both kinds of plants, Congressman Shrub's voice is also very similar to that of George H. W. Bush. "Shrub" is also in use as a nickname For U.S. president George W. Bush popularized by Texas colummist Molly Ivins).

Alex Shrub was voiced by Christopher Lucas.