Amanda De Santa

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Amanda De Santa
[[Image::File:AmandaDeSanta-GTAV.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Amanda De Santa
Aliases Amanda Townley (former name)


Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Home Rockford Hills, Los Santos, San Andreas
Family Michael De Santa (husband)
Jimmy De Santa (son)
Tracey De Santa (daughter)
Vehicles Sentinel XS
Voiced by Vicki Van Tassel

Amanda De Santa is a character in the HD Universe who appears in Grand Theft Auto V. She is the wife of Michael and mother of Jimmy & Tracey.

Character history

In 2004 Amanda, Michael and their two children were forced to enter the witness protection program after Michael was caught during a robbery in Ludendorff, North Yankton. The two moved to Los Santos although their relationship became strained. She eventually became a financial burden on her husband through her shopping leading Michael to return to a life of crime.

In Marriage Counseling, Michael catches her in bed with their tennis instructor Kyle Chavis. In a rage, he chases Kyle down with his gardener's truck and pulls his house down from the cliff, only to realize that it belonged to a mistress of Mexican gangster Martin Madrazo (this, among other things, lures Michael back into robbery). In The Good Husband, Amanda reluctantly calls on Michael for help when she is arrested for shoplifting (the player chooses whether or not to save her).

In Did Somebody Say Yoga, he agrees to practice yoga with Amanda and her instructor Fabien LaRouche. Michael becomes irate when one of their yoga poses resembles a dry hump, attempts to push Fabien in the pool, lands in it himself, and Amanda breaks up with him on the spot. Immediately after, he takes Jimmy to meet his drug dealer at Burger Shot; Jimmy takes the opportunity to trick Michael into drinking purple drank, steal his car and also leave him. Jimmy distorts the situation to Amanda, causing her to take Tracey and leave Michael completely alone in their Rockford Hills home.

Amanda lives with Fabien and her children for a short while, and though Fabien is an ideal sexual partner, Amanda quickly bores of his pretentious personality. Tracey and Jimmy also dislike him, and a visit from Jimmy spurs Michael into winning Amanda back. He confronts them at a Bean Machine cafe, where Amanda is so dissatisfied with Fabien that she requests of Michael to "just hit him, please!". Michael knocks Fabien onto the floor with a nearby woman's laptop, and after Michael reclaims Tracey from Lazlow Jones, they reunite and agree to family therapy. After a "cathartic" screaming match in front of Dr. Friedlander, Amanda emerges ready to move back in with Michael. After Michael crosses Devin Weston by releasing his film Meltdown, Weston tells Michael that he sent Merryweather mercenaries to assassinate his family. Michael defends Amanda and Tracey from Weston's goons; however, Amanda and the children are forced to move out again for their safety.


  • The license plate of Amanda's Sentinel reads "KRYST4L".
  • Amanda was a stripper before she met Michael, according to a story told to Wade by Trevor during the trip to Los Santos.