Ammu-Nation Shooting Range (GTA SA)

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In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas some Ammu-Nations have shooting ranges where Carl "CJ" Johnson can upgrade his weapon skill.

As CJ takes to the range, he will be facing-off against 2 competitors in a race to score the most hits. The range provides three rounds for each weapon; the first round’s winner is determined by who can shoot out 3 targets (each target has 7 spots to hit) at varying distances. The next round features moving targets, again a race to shoot them all first. The third round has a moving target that everyone is shooting at, the shooter with the most number of hits wins.

For each weapon, the skill level will result in different upgrades, as a general rule of thumb; reaching higher skill levels will increase the rate of fire and accuracy. Also, with some weapons, getting better skills will give CJ the ability to fire while moving and strafing and the ability to dual-wield certain pistols and SMGs.

An Ammu-Nation in San Andreas, note that firearms such as the Galil assault rifle Steyr Aug, and the other guns seen on the wall are not purchasable