Ammu-Nation Shooting Range (GTA VC)

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This article is about a challenge from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is available after the mission The Shootist.

Get to the Ammu-Nation in Downtown. Walk through the shop and the door which leads behind the salesroom. Step into the pink marker which is located in front of the shooting range. After that, the challenge is activated.


You have to hit as many targets as possible within the time limit. If you run out of time or ammunition, is the round finished.


You get a pistol with altogether 100 shots, one magazine contains 17 cartridges.


The tagets you have to hit during the aiming point mode are three movable yellow targets in the form of the human upper part of the body. They drive out of the wall and moving from the left to the right and and vice versa. Every target consists of five segments: Head, right and left shoulder as well as right and left chest.