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Jump to: navigation, search is a website accessible in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and is the main source of guns and ammunition in the game. Huang finds out about after they email him early in the game, telling him about their new online directive. It is accessed through the players PDA.

How to get weapons

When is unlocked, Huang can access it through the PDA (pause screen). There is a choice of 6 categories for weapons: Handguns, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons & Projectiles. There is also a Miscellaneous section, where the player can buy body armor.

To order weapons, the player touches the category they want and then chooses which weapon they want. Providing they have sufficient funds, the money is deducted and the weapon is put in the basket. Then, when all the weapons the player wants have been selected, touching the basket confirms the order.

After ordering weapons

After ordering weapons, the player recieves 2 emails on their PDA. The first one confirms the order, and the second one tells the player that the order has been delivered to their nearest safehouse. After this email, a white "A" appears on the radar, showing the location of the delivery. At the safehouse, a box with the Ammu-Nation logo on it appears with a blue blip above it. Walk into it and all the weapons (and armor, if ordered) are instantly equipped.

Weapons List

These descriptions are from the Ammu-Nation in-game website.

Pistol: $200

Standard lackey side arm. Its 17 bullet clip doesn't have much stopping power, but it will get the job done.

Twin Pistols: $450

2 pistols and 2 clips make for 34 rounds of mayhem. The stopping power hasn't increased, but the delivery rate just doubled.

Micro SMG: $350

Legendary design classic, darling of special forces the world over, or simple entry-level sub-macinge gun? Let your target decide.

Shotgun: $300

One shell fired from this single-barreled gentleman's firearm should provide enough punch to knock anyone down.

Stubby Shotgun: $800

Twin short barrels give a greater spread and double the stopping power. Knocking 'em down, and keeping 'em down!

Assault Rifle: $2500

Cheap, dependable Russian import with good range and short reload times. ...The revolutionary's assault weapon of choice.

Flame Thrower: $6000

When bullets, shells and explosives won't get the job done, burn it down! Satan's own scalding hot shit-stick. Caliente!

RPG: $8000

Enemy goon or vehicle? It doesn't matter what you target: Point this steel finger of destruction at it and witness its obliteration.

Flashbangs: $150

Blind and confuse your enemies with this incendiary device. The strategist's and escape artists choice.

Molotov Cocktails: $300

An oily rag in a bottle of gasoline makes a cheap, readily available, incendiary device for the masses. I predict a riot!

Grenades: $350

Army issue frag grenade.Pull the pin and throw, then get your ass under cover! Remember to wait for the BANG before looking up.

Teaser: $300

Gun shy, but trigger happy? Get excited. Get delirious. Get all the pain compliance you need with this 'non-lethal' weapon.

Body Armor: $500

Heavy armor plating allowing protection for the torso and vital organs. Favored by momma's boys who don't have time to bleed.

Fully-Cocked Weapons

These are the ultimate weapons in that category that Ammu-Nation sell. These include miniguns, landmines, AK-47's and Revolvers