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*[[Shifting Weight]]
*[[Shifting Weight]]
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[[Category:Characters in The Lost and Damned|Andreas]]
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[[Image::File:Andreas-TLAD.jpg| ]]
Appearances The Lost and Damned
Full Name Andreas


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality Cuban
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations Elizabeta Torres
Johnny Klebitz
Uptown Riders
Voiced by Santos

Andreas is a character in The Lost and Damned and Elizabeta Torres' bodyguard, although Elizabeta treats him more as a housemaid, constantly screaming at him and he usually stays in the kitchen, possibly due to incompetence. It is assumed that he is the replacement after Jorge turned states. Andreas is slaved to Elizabeta cleaning the house, keeping watch on company (for suspisions of undercover police), and more household chores. Coincidentally, the voice actor of Andreas is named Santos, similar in relation to San Andreas and Los Santos.

Mission appearances

The Lost and Damned