Angels in America

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Angels in America
Game The Lost and Damned
For Billy Grey
Target Angels of Death Bikers
Location Alderney
Reward $750
Unlocks Multiplayer Mode, Liberty City Choppers, It's War
Unlocked by Clean and Serene

 Angels in America is a mission in The Lost and Damned. In this mission your gang is having a party in their safehouse and the Angels of Death crash it. This annoys Billy resulting in him shooting one of the Angels of Death gang. The Lost and the Angels of Death had a truce to keep peace. Since the escape of the remaining Angels of Death would cause an unnecessary war, you have to chase them down and kill them. Then Johnny must rendevous with Billy and Jason.  
 There are a bunch of Angels you need to take down before they can get back to the rest of their chapter. You are instructed to use your Sawn-Off Shotgun for this mission. And it is the best weapon too since you can take them down with one to two shots at close range while riding your bike. Unfortunately, they will be shooting at you as you try to take them down. It is best to have full Body Armor before doing this mission. Get quickly up close to an Angel and fire your Sawn-Off Shotgun a couple of times to take him down. Once you take down the last Angel, Johnny calls Billy and is instructed to meet him on Grummer Rd. in Northwood. Once you get there you will start a cutscene with Johnny and Jason. When that is finished, the mission is completed.