Angus Martin

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Angus Martin
[[Image::File:AngusMartin-TLAD.jpg| ]]
Appearances The Lost and Damned
Full Name Angus Martin
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1975
Place of Birth Alderney
Age Now 42
Nationality American
Home Alderney, Liberty State
Main Affiliations The Lost Brotherhood
Vehicles Wheelchair
Businesses Bike Exports
Voiced by Brian Tarantina
You know how it happens. It's that fucked up part of people which means

good is never good enough. I mean it wasn't enough that we had to be drug dealers, we also had to be outlaws, to be maniacs, to be psychos, and to be greedy.

Angus Martin to The Lost MC.

Angus Martin is a 33 year-old member of The Lost Brotherhood. He was paralyzed in an accident caused by Billy Grey when they rode together, Billy didn't see a truck and it struck the two. Both of them survived, but Angus lost the use of his legs, forcing him to maneuver around in a wheelchair. The accident has left with him with sullen outlook on life, and a certain hatred towards Billy Grey, although he is still a loyal member of the brotherhood. Presumably before his accident and the two's falling out, Angus and Johnny built Billy's bike.

He and Johnny Klebitz are still good friends, with Angus sending e-mails to Johnny, displaying hatred for both Billy and Brian Jeremy. During the course of the Episode, it is revealed he became something of a partner with Jim Fitzgerald's activity in hijacking. Klebitz can call Angus to do the motorcycle thefts. At the end of the game Angus, Johnny, Terry and Clay are the only surviving members of the Alderney chapter of the Lost. Occasionally after completion of a mission, the player can call him after certain missions to hear his input on what's going on in the game's storyline, similar to Niko calling Roman Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Mission appearances

The Lost and Damned
Post-mission phone calls


  • Angus is one of a few characters without an entry in the LCPD Database, despite having committed criminal acts and being linked to criminal activities.
  • Angus' e-mail is
  • Sometimes, when the player calls for a job for Angus during an autosave, Jim's voicemail will play.
  • Angus Martin, Johnny Sindacco, and some pedestrians of Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 are the only characters to be seen in a wheelchair.