Anthony Corrado

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Anthony Corrado
[[Image::File:AnthonyCorrado-GTAIV.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV]]
Full Name Anthony Corrado
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1980
Place of Birth Alderney
Date of Death [[Error: Invalid time.|2008 (age 28)]][[DOD::2008 (age 28)| ]]
Age at Death
Nationality [[American|American]][[Nationality::American| ]]
Home Alderney
Main Affiliations Pegorino Family
Voiced by Robert Furano

Anthony Corrado is a 28-year old bodyguard and long time associate of the Pegorino Family led by James Pegorino in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pegorino claims to have raised Corrado like he was his own son after his son committed suicide. He (and his wife) even go so far as to abuse and berate him as if he were their son.

Anthony Corrado as a hospital patient during "Flatline".

Pegorino later reveals to Niko Bellic during the opening cutscene for the mission "Flatline" that Corrado had been wearing a wire and working for the FIB. Corrado suffers a heart attack earlier after Pegorino threatens him over the phone, and is placed under maximum security at Westdyke Memorial Hospital in Leftwood, which Niko Bellic is forced to infiltrate in order to silence him. He dies after Niko shuts down his life support or kills him in his hospital bed by other means.


Corrado's name is possibly a reference to two main characters named Anthony and Corrado from the HBO series The Sopranos.

LCPD Database record

Surname: Corrado
First Name: Anthony
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Westdyke, Alderney
Affiliations: Pegorino Crime Syndicate
Criminal Record:

  • 1995 - Hijacking
  • 1996 - Assault
  • 1997 - Manslaughter


  • Personal bodyguard of James Pegorino, head of the Alderney-based Pegorino crime family.
  • Believed to be unhappy in his role and possible candidate for the Witness Protection Program.
  • Recently admitted to hospital after a beating, possibly at the hands of Pegorino.
  • Heart condition.

Mission appearances



  • Anthony and Corrado are ironically the first names of Tony and Junior Soprano of the TV series The Sopranos.