Armored Car Clash!

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Armed Car Clash!
Game GTA 2
For Trey Welsh
Target Doctor Cubana and Yakuza Miara's
Location Omnitron, Downtown District, Anywhere City
Reward $60,000
Unlocks Residential District

Armed Car Clash! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Trey Welsh, leader of The Zaibatsu Corporation in the Downtown District, in Omnitron, Downtown District, Anywhere City.


Trey Welsh informs Claude Speed that Doctor Cubana, a Latin biologist who works for The Zaibatsu Corporation, has been kidnapped by the Yakuza and is being tortured in a Yakuza Miara being driven around the Downtown District. Welsh tells Claude Speed of the two vehicles he needs destroyed, as he does not want Cubana to squeal. Claude Speed then locates the two Miara's and destroys them, killing Cubana.


Trey Welsh: Hey, Gecko! Our Latin Biologist Doctor Cubana is being tortured for information in one of two Yakuza cars circling the city. Destroy the cars before he squeals.

(Claude Speed locates and destroys one of the two Yakuza vehicles)

Trey Welsh: That was resourceful, Gecko, but one car's still at large!

(Claude Speed locates and destroys the second of the two Yakuza vehicles)

Trey Welsh: People can always be replaced but secrets cannot. Excellent work, Gecko - well worth $60,000.

Post Mission Script

Guide: You did it! Follow the big pink marker to leave the Downtown District!


The reward for completing this mission is $60,000. The Residential District is unlocked by completing the mission.

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