Auntie Poulet's Shack

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Tommy Vercetti standing in front of Auntie Poulet's Shack ahortly after completing Juju Scramble

Auntie Poulet's Shack is the small wooden shack that Auntie Poulet, the matriach of the Haitains gang, lives in. The shack is located in Little Haiti, Vice City, just a short walk south of the Kaufman Cabs Depot. The shack is very small, with a simple, but tidy, interior. A Voodoo car spawns near her shack, a short walk away. In Grand Theft Auto:Vice City, Tommy Vercetti goes to Auntie Poulet's Shack to do missions from her. He also goes to her shack to deliver her "Juju" in the mission Juju Scramble.