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Game GTA Vice City
For Mr. Black
Target European Bank Robbers
Location Washington Mall
Unlocks Missions from Avery Carrington and Colonel Cortez

Autocide is the third Payphone mission in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City played for Mr Black.



A european gang plans to rob "El Banco Corrupto Grande", however, Mr. Black's employer doesn't want that to happen, so Mr. Black wants you to kill the robbers in ten minutes before they leave their menial cover jobs.

The Mission

For this mission you will need, a fast car with good turning (Cheetah or Stinger) and a Rocket Launcher, you will also need a Sniper rifle but that one will be provided during the mission. There are six robbers you have to kill, here's who they are, where they are and how to finish them:

1) Mike Griffin: Mike Griffin is working on an advert sign in Vice Point. Drive to the blue target in the radar and pick up the sniper, then drive ner the yellow spot and arm the rifle, then aim at Griffin who is on a billboard and has a target arrow on him, then finish him.

2) Dick Tanner Dick Tanner is working as an employee for DBP Security, he will be on an armored van so you will need a rocket launcher with at least two rockets. Drive to the DBP Security central and pull out the rocket launcher, don't get too close to him or he'll try to drive away, then shoot him once with a rocket and he'll try to drive away, quickly shoot him again and you'll blow up his van along with him.

3) & 4) Marcus Hammond & Frank Carter They are working as security guards for the Vice Point Jewelery. You will need a rocket launcher with one rocket. Drive to the place and get close to the guys, but not too close or they will drive away. They are inside a Bobcat truck, pull out the rocket launcher and blow them up.

5) Nick Kong Nick Kong is working as a guard for a rich man in his yacht at Washington Beach. Drive to Washington Beach and pull out the sniper rifle, aim at Kong who is on the yacht close to a house near Avery Carrington's compound. Aim at Kong and kill him.

6) Charlie Dilson is riding his PCJ 600 bike in Ocean Drive to get to the bank. Get on a fast car, (Cheetah or Stinger) and drive to the place, this time it doesn't matter if you are seen or not, just ram the bastard off his bike, then run him over and kill him.

Once all guys are dead within the time limit, you have completed the mission.


(Washington Mall Payphone, Mr. Black.)

Mr. Black: A European gang plans to hit the bank in Vice City. My employers would rather that didn't happen. Each member of the gang has a cover why they are in Vice City. Some have menial jobs, others are on vacation. Each target and their likely whereabouts are taped under the phone.

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