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File:VCS BMX.jpg
The BMX, as depicted in GTA Vice City Stories.

The BMX is the most commonly found bike in the State of San Andreas; and especially the area in and around Los Santos. It is so common it is the primary transportation for you and your gang in the first few missions. Its advantages are that it has good handling for a bike, and it can do super high bunny-hops, along with wheelies and stoppies. Its disadvantages are its poor speed (when compared to the Mountain Bike). The bike is also not meant for off=roading use, and the player can endure injuries when using this bike for that purpose. The BMX is not recommended for getaways when pursued by cops. All in all, it is a well suited bike and a very fun means of transportation. There is a side mission inside the stunt park in Los Santos, where once you ride the BMX, you start a side mission where you have to get all the checkpoints in limited amount of time.

A BMX located outside Roboi's Food Mart in Commerce, Los Santos starts a Courier mission.

The BMX is the first available vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This bike was reintroduced in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories with less opportunities when riding it.


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