Bank of Liberty

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Bank of Liberty logo, 2008

Bank of Liberty is a fictional chain of banks located all over Liberty City, whether it be in the GTA III Era or in the GTA IV Era. The bank appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto IV. It is a parody of Bank of America as it has the same colors and also a parody of Sovereign Bank as the text is the same and also a logo to the left of the title.

In GTA IV, it's is based on the Bank of America. There are three branches in Algonquin and several more throughout the rest of the city. Its main branch is located on Columbus Ave and Calcium Street in The Exchange neighborhood of the borough of Algonquin.



  • In GTA III, and GTA Liberty City Stories, if you are low on cash, the easiest way to get some cash, is to follow a pedestrian to a cash machine, either in Portland, or Staunton, once the ped has collected the money, shoot him/her and you will accumilate around $100+.
  • In GTA IV, there are Bank of Liberty Automated Teller Machines scattered around Liberty City. They allow the player to check their current balance, however, the player can simply look at the top right of the screen where the HUD is and see their balance. Originally, players were to store their cash in these ATM's, but the feature was cut before release.