Bank of Liberty

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Bank of Liberty logo, 2008

Bank of Liberty is a chain of banks located all over Liberty City during both the GTA III Era and GTA IV Era. The bank appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto IV. It is a parody of Bank of America as it has the same colors and also a parody of Sovereing Bank as the text is the same and also a logo to the left of the title. The name might be drawn from the Bank of America.

In GTA IV, there are three branches in Algonquin and several more throughout the rest of the Liberty City. Its main branch is located on Columbus Ave and Calcium Street in The Exchange/Chinatown neighborhood of the borough of Algonquin.



  • In GTA III, LCS and GTA IV, there are Bank of Liberty ATMs scattered around of the city. They allow the player to check their current balance, despite the fact that the player's money is already displayed in the game's HUD.
  • The Bank of Liberty branch that the gang of Niko, Michael Keane and the two McRearys rob in GTA IV appears to be based on a branch of the HSBC bank in Chinatown, Manhattan judging by both it's location and appearence.