Bar Brawl

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Bar Brawl
Game GTA Vice City
For Tommy Vercetti
Target DBP security
Location Vercetti Estate
Reward $4000

Bar Brawl is a mission soon after taking out Ricardo Diaz, in which Tommy forces a bar to pay them for protection. In order to do that, he must take out DBP security they are currently protected by.



In this mission, Tommy will take two henchmen to a small bar on Ocean Drive and have them help him with taking out DBP security.

The Mission

Take a car from Vercetti Estate and drive to the point on your map. First, take out the two guards. The easiest way to do so is to run them over, then get out and talk to the bar owner. After that, he will have told you the location of the security. Go over there and kill them all. Start off by blowing up a car to kill as many as you can, then kill the remainder, if there are any. After finishing off the rest, two more will escape on two PCJ-600s. Chase them down in a car and run them over (you can use a firearm, but running them over is the easiest way). Then you have completed the mission.


(inside Vercetti Estate bar) Tommy: What's the problem?

Lance: Some bar is refusing to pay. They reckon they're protected by a local gang of thugs. Don't worry Tommy, I can handle this.

Tommy: You call this handling it?

(to the two henchmen next to him)

You two, off your asses, let's go.


Tommy: Get in the car, useless.

(after killing the two guards and talking to the bar owner)

Tommy: Your protection needs a little more protection.

Bar Owner: Aw hell, not again! I don't need this crap! These idiots operate out of DBP security around the block. You guys just sort it out amongst yourselves.

Tommy: I'll be seeing you later.

Bar Owner: Yeah, yeah, whatever.