Beat Down on B Dup

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Beat Down on B-Dup is one of the later missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


After completing Home Coming, Carl Johnson enters the Johnson House and finds Sweet almost succumbing to smoking crack. Sweet says that it has "already destroyed the hood, might as well let it destroy me too." CJ tells him he is better than that and the crack addict that was trying to give it to him says it was from B-Dup. CJ and Sweet go to B-Dup's place and finds that he moved out months ago from a crackhead sitting near the door. He also says that he had moved to Glen Park, heart of Kilo Trays country. CJ and Sweet ride over to Glen Park to take it over and to flush out B-Dup.

  1. Initiate a war in Glen Park and defeat the gang defending the area. The gang comes in waves, like a usual gang war, but be wary. Do not let Sweet get killed or too far away, as this will result in a failure of the mission.
  2. After the Ballas are beaten, B-Dup sends out his "palace guard" to defend his house. The guards are exceptionally well armed, all equipped with AK-47s. It is recommended using long range weaponry to defeat these enemies as getting close increases the risk of death.
  3. With the palace guard defeated, a Cutscene begins.

Sweet slams B-Dup against a wall and asks where Big Smoke is hiding, though he claims he does not know, only Smoke's lieutenants would know that. Big Bear enters the room and B-Dup tells him to shoot CJ and Sweet, though Big Bear turns on B-Dup and ends his servitude to the drug dealer. Big Bear then asks CJ to rejoin the Grove Street Families and CJ has Sweet take him to Rehab in B-Dup's Infernus.