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You may also be looking for the car of the same name in Grand Theft Auto 2
A Benson near Vice City's industrial area.
Benson from GTA IV

The Benson is a small cube van that is featured in three of the GTA III era games. It is the smallest cube van on the games, has a decent speed and has room for 2 people including the driver. It is not a very useful vehicle because it can flip on rough terrain and is only good for driving on roads. It has no special features. You can do doughnuts in it by steering it in the slightest possible angle (almost straight) and, naturally, putting the virtual foot to the floor. This can be done on the PC by using an analog controller (such as a PS2 controller through a USB converter), but not with the keyboard due to the digital button limitation of such devices. In San Andreas it has the wrong engine sound, as it has a heavy truck sound but should have the light/medium truck sound. In the PC version (v1.00) this can be changed by swapping it (the shape and texture files) with the Yankee in IMG Tool 2.0 [1], and changing the handling (in handling.cfg), colors (in carcols.dat) and names etc. around.

In GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and GTA Vice City Stories, it resembles a 1978 or 1979 Ford (F-Series) cube van.

In GTA IV, however, it appears to look like a bottler truck.


Vice City Stories

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