Bernie Crane

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Artwork of Bernie Crane

Bernie Crane, formerly Florian Cravic, is the man that Niko Bellic tracked down to the United States of America.

Florian joined with Niko, Darko Brevic, and twelve other soldiers on a mission into enemy territory. However, one of the men betrayed the others, thus the unit being sold out to the enemies. Only three escaped, Bellic, Cravic, and Brevic, all others were tortured, killed, and buried in a mass grave.

The three separated after the end of the war, only was it then that they each figured out that one of them betrayed the others. Cravic moved to Liberty City in the USA, where he hoped to be accepted for who he was. At a foam party at the famous gay-club Hercules, owned by Anthony Prince, he met Deputy Mayor Bryce Dawkins, who he started dating after words. Crane also expressed interest in Luis Fernando Lopez, Prince's bodyguard. However, this would never have worked, as Luis was straight.

Niko Bellic traveled to the USA to track down Cravic, who Bellic had discovered had moved to Liberty City. After much work for many crime syndicates, Bellic was finally informed by Ray Boccino of the Pegorino Family pointed Bellic in the direction of Talbot Daniels, an associate of Cravic's. With Roman Bellic's help, Niko forced Talbot to direct him to Cravic's residence. When finally arriving, Niko and Roman broke into his apartment, and held Cravic at gun point. However Cravic questioned Niko if he was the one who betrayed their old unit and said that the Bellics have changed. Realizing that Florian was innocent, Niko leaves his apartment and vows to track down Darko Brevic.

Bellic was later contacted by Crane, who needed his help. Bernie was being threatened by a biased man, and Niko traveled to Middle Park to try to lure the man out. After the man attacked Crane, Bellic killed the gay-hater, and Bernie felt better that Bellic was back in his life.

Bellic later assisted Crane again after Dimitri Rascalov of the Russian Mafia threatened to expose Bernie's and Bryce's relation ship, as Bryce led his election campaign on family values, against gay marriage. Bellic and Crane met up with Rascalov's representatives, but they chose to attempt to reveal the story to the media, but were killed before they could even try.

Crane would later go on a boat ride with Niko to South Broker, where Crane tried unsuccessfully to seduce Bellic. The two were attacked by the Russian Mafia, and later chased down and killed the ambushing Russians to send a message to Rascalov, and the point was made clear.

As a reward for all his help, Niko was rewarded with Bryce's Infernus, however, Bellic had no idea the car had been wire tapped by Johnny Klebitz on behalf of Thomas Stubbs III, and using those recordings, Stubbs exposed Crane's relationship with Dawkins.

Bernie is voiced by Timothy J. Alex