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File:Biff (GTA4) (dump truck 1) (front).jpg
A dump truck variant of the Biff.

The HVY Biff is a large truck featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, available in different configurations.


The Biff is slow due to it's weight, but is more than capable of ramming traffic without sustaining too much damage itself. Being a truck used in construction and industries, the Biff is commonly encountered in industrial districts in the city; two Biff trucks are also permanently parked in the construction site in South Bohan. The Biff is available in flat-bed form, or two different types of dump truck, with some being filled with gravel. After collecting all thirty cars for Stevie he agrees to purchase cars from Niko Bellic, with the Biff fetching $4,000.

Its size is utilized during Derrick McReary's "Tunnel of Death" mission, when two such trucks are used to block a section of the Booth Tunnel from both sides.


The Biff closely resembles a Mack Metro-Liner. However, these trucks were only manufactured and sold in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, so another inspiration is speculated to be based on a Mack Granite, but with a shorter bonnet (which makes it look more like a Metro-Liner).