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El Burro
For El Burro
Location Hepburn Heights
Reward $20,000
Unlocks Turismo

Big'n'Veiny is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by El Burro from a payphone in the Hepburn Heights area of Portland Island, Liberty City. The mission becomes available after completing the mission Trial By Fire.


Claude goes to the payphone in Hepburn Heights, which is ringing. El Burro instructs Claude to follow a SPANKED-up thief who has stolen the latest copy of Donkey Does Dallas and collect the copies as they fly out of the back of a van. After collecting all the magazines, Claude kills the thief and then returns the magazines to XXXMags in the Red Light District.


El Burro: A thieving opportunist has stolen a van of my latest publication hot off the press! But that SPANKED-up idiot has left the rear doors open and now tastefully photographed adult literature is being dropped all all over Liberty. Take the van and follow that trail of Donkey Does Dallas volumes 1, 2 and 3 collecting it as you go. When you've followed the trail to that thieving SPANK-head, waste him. Then deliver my donkey derby to XXX Mags in the Red Light District.


The reward for completion of the mission is $20,000 and the unlocking of the Turismo race, El Burro's first mission.

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