Big Smoke (mission)

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Big Smoke (Mission)
Game GTA San Andreas
For Big Smoke
Location Los Santos
Reward 3 Respect
Unlocks Ryder (Mission); BMX Challenge
Unlocked by In The Beginning
See also: Big Smoke, which refers to the character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Big Smoke is a mission that expands BMX riding and exploring the city of Los Santos, and also opens the BMX Challenge odd job.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Watch the cinematic scene, then tag along behind your fellow Grove Street Families members on your BMX.
  2. Keep up with Sweet through the Ballas' attack.
  3. Follow Ryder to the map marker in the Grove Street cul-de-sac as Sweet draws the Ballas away.

Detailed Walkthrough

Follow The Family Members

In the cinematic scene, CJ comes home to find his mother's house in a state of disarray. Big Smoke attempts an attack, assuming CJ to be a trespasser. After straightening that out, Big Smoke drives CJ to the cemetery where his mother is buried to met with Sweet, his brother; Kendl, his sister; and Ryder, a fellow Grove Street Families member.

It is not a happy reunion, as tensions that are obviously long-held are brought to the surface by the stressful situation. Kendl leaves to go see her boyfriend, Cesar Vialpando, whom Sweet disapproves of, solely due to his Hispanic ethnicity.

As everyone else is leaving the cemetery, the Ballas attack via Drive-By shooting, causing Big Smoke's car to explode. Cross the street with your fellow gang members, and mount a bicycle.

Keep Up With Sweet

You must keep up with Sweet, who is at the lead of the group for now. You will still be under attack by Ballas, but pedaling as fast as you can can should keep you well ahead of the danger.

If you are having trouble with the Ballas attacks, drop behind them and take off in a different direction. If they're driving alongside you, try to run them into obstacles that will cause a crash.

Try to read the new bicycling tips that pop up, especially if this is your first time playing. They will introduce you to pedaling faster and bunny-hops.

Keep Up With Ryder

Under the Mulholland Intersection, gameplay will be interrupted by a short cinematic scene, after which Sweet will lead the Ballas off in another direction so CJ and the rest of the group can get home. You will now need to stay close to Ryder, who will be leading the group now.

Follow Ryder through Downtown Los Santos' alleys, through a BMX stunt park, and onto the freeway. You should get a "Cycling Skill - Upgraded" notice during this trip.

Trail Ryder as he exits the freeway at the first exit and rides into the Grove Street cul-de-sac. Ride into the mission marker to complete the mission. You will earn 3 Respect points.

A short cut-scene shows CJ assuring Sweet, contrary to his assumptions, he is going to stay for a while. Ryder mentions how "embarrassing" it is to be seen with you, and that you need some new clothes and a haircut.