Biker Heat

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Biker Heat

Maria Latore
Game GTA Liberty City Stories
For Maria Latore
Target Wayne
Location Saint Mark's, Portland Island, Liberty City
Reward $1,500
Unlocks Overdose of Trouble

Biker Heat is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Maria Latore from her home in the Saint Mark's district of Portland Island, Liberty City.


Toni drops round Maria's apartment again, where it is apparent something has happened. Maria reveals that Wayne hit her and an angry Toni goes to a bar in Chinatown to confront him. Wayne, after being confronted by Toni, flees on his motorbike, allowing his fellow gang members to attack Toni. Toni gives chase, killing Wayne.


Toni Cipriani: What have you taken now?

Maria Latore: Nothing.

Toni Cipriani: What was this time, huh? Smack? Downers? Ludes? A little too much trumpet? Not enough Diceypam? A little too much sideways not enough up?

Maria Latore: Shut up Toni!

Toni Cipriani: Who was it?

Maria Latore: This guy I'm seeing, Wayne.

Toni Cipriani: Some guy you're seeing, you're my boss's girl!

Maria Latore: C'mon Toni, don't be so square, besides, he gets me this great speed, you know? A girl needs a life. Plus it makes you really wild in bed.

Toni Cipriani: Shut up. Why did he do this to you, this dead prick Wayne?

Maria Latore: I told him I was in love with somebody else. I told him about me and you, Toni. And then he hit me!

Toni Cipriani: There is no you and me! Christ, you're killing me! Where is this Wayne?

Maria Latore: He deals at a bar down in Chinatown. I love you, Toni Cipriani.

(Toni approaches Wayne and the Biker Gang)

Toni Cipriani: Are you Wayne?

Wayne: Who wants to know?

Toni Cipriani: I'm a friend of Maria's. ...beating up on women is what gets your motor running, huh?

Wayne: That bitch had it coming!

Toni Cipriani: Yeah? Well, now so do you!

Wayne: Get him!


The reward for completing the mission is $1,500 and unlocks the Overdose of Trouble mission for Maria. Wayne also drops a Stubby Shotgun and a Chisel, which can be used as weapons.

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