Bleed Out

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Bleed Out

Bledar Morina, one of the loan shark attackers
For Roman
Target Dardan Petrela
Location BOABO, Firefly Projects

Unlocks Friendship with Roman Bellic, Easy Fare
Unlocked by Three's a Crowd

Bleed Out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV. The mission title refers to the fact that Roman is shown bleeding while Niko is fending off the Albanian Loan sharks.

This mission introduces the melee combat system, along with melee weapons. A Knife in this case.


Roman calls Niko right before Michelle and Niko have their date. Roman says he is being injured by some Albanians in the basketball courts in Firefly Projects. Niko arrives promptly and fights off the first wave of Albanians, Bledar Morina and Kalem. Roman spots another Albanian getting away, Dardan Petrela. Dardan gets into his car and escapes the basketball courts. Niko and Roman get into Roman's Taxi and chase Dardan. Both cars crash into a staircase in BOABO. Niko chases Dardan solo, and defeats Dardan in a fight.

Niko drives Roman back to his cab depot and is sad that his criminal life still lies inside of him.


The phone call

As the player nears Michelle's place for his first date, Niko's cousin calls to ask him for help; the Albanian Mafia loan sharks have him trapped on the basketball courts in the Firefly Projects. At this point, the player must decide to either continue to the date with Michelle or help Roman. If the player chooses to go on the date with Michelle, Roman will end up in the hospital.

Fighting Bledar Morina and Kalem

The player must follow the radar blip to the basketball courts. Upon reaching the basketball courts, Bledar approaches Niko, while Kemal continues to beat up Roman. An onscreen tutorial walks the player through melee combat techniques. The player must kill Bledar and then Kalem in hand-to-hand combat. As Niko approaches Roman, a cutscene shows Dardan who runs away.

You may also pick up the baseball bat in front of your safehouse (you could find it in the weapons map). You can beat up Bledar and Kalem with this weapon in the mission. 

Fighting Dardan Petrela

The player must get in Roman's Taxi with Roman and race after Dardan. If Dardan gets too far away, the mission will be failed. In the BOABO district, Dardan jumps out of his car and runs up a staircase into a large empty room, where he turns and faces Niko. The player is shown how to relieve opponents of weapons. The player may relieve Dardan of his knife, and take him out. Once Dardan is no longer a threat, Niko takes Roman back to the depot. An easy way to kill Dardan, is to bring a Pistol and when he runs up the stairs to the empty room, shoot one of the gas canisters inside or outside, which will instantly kill him. This saves you fighting with him.  


  • If the player chooses to continue the date with Michelle, Roman will be beaten up and sent to hospital. The player will have to go to the hospital and give him a lift back to the cab depot.
  • Dardan in particular can be dealt with in multiple ways: The player can simply beat Dardan up, shoot him, seize his knife and use it against him, or push or kick him out of a nearby window, triggering a cutscene of Dardan falling to his death in the Humboldt River.


  • The whole traffic during the chase is scripted (as numerous other missions in the game). The vehicles seen in the traffic are not random : a Bobcat, two Marbelles and two Vigeros are seen in Crockett Avenue, two Mananas, one Marbelle and a Vigero in Mohawk Avenue, a Manana, a Marbelle and a Bobcat in Bart Street, one Vigero and one Marbelle in Delaware Avenue, two Merits, three Yankees and five Marbelles in southern Mohanet Avenue, two Marbelles, one Merit and a Trashmaster in Chicory Street, and one Marbelle and a Pony in northern Mohanet Avenue.
  • This is the only place and the only mission when you can obtain the unique coloured beige Willard.

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